The GOP presidential candidate pivoted into attacking Joe Biden and the CNN anchor wasn't having it.
Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw played down the comment from CNN's Jake Tapper, saying "a lot of them did that."
The proposed order is aimed at reining in the former president’s diatribes against likely witnesses.
The White House has fiercely defended Israel after Hamas’ surprise attack earlier this month.
An Illinois man allegedly shouted, “You Muslims must die,” before stabbing the young boy and his mother.
The Arkansas Republican essentially said bombing Palestinian women and children is a justified counterattack to Hamas' assault on Israeli civilians.
The GOP presidential candidate said the U.S. shouldn't take in any Palestinians fleeing Gaza because it would "increase antisemitism" and "anti-Americanism."
This comes just a week after the ex-president praised fictional cannibal Hannibal Lecter during a rally in Iowa.
“Netanyahu, the corrupt, the very corrupt” has “been in the seat too long,” declared Shirel Hogeg, whose sister and her family were critically wounded in Hamas’s attack.
The president has twice as much cash on hand as Donald Trump, his major GOP challenger.