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“He calmly told me that when we heard the air raid siren, we would have 90 seconds to make our way to the bomb shelter. He asked me if I understood. I lied.”
"My mom is infinitely proud of all of her children, but I wonder if she wasn’t at that moment just a little bit ashamed of me."
"I quickly realized that as a teen, there would be elements of my gender transition that were fully beyond my control."
“Maybe being gay — something I’d always, on some level, known about myself — wasn’t as wrong, bad and shameful as I’d taught at home.”
"I had become resigned to living the rest of my life as if it belonged to someone I emailed with a few times but never actually met."
"Fooled you into thinking I’m younger? Joke’s on you, I guess."
"What miraculous alignment of the planets could bring two opposites together... and make them stick together for six decades?"
"In my mind, I’m still planning for parents weekend, Thanksgiving, sending his winter clothes. ... None of this will happen."
"When I realized I might also be passing along my angst, my inner critic, and my unrelenting feeling of not being quite good enough, I woke up."