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Logan Perrin for HuffPost
“He calmly told me that when we heard the air raid siren, we would have 90 seconds to make our way to the bomb shelter. He asked me if I understood. I lied.”
Not all superheroes wear capes. Some have rainbow-hued lab coats instead.
"I quickly realized that as a teen, there would be elements of my gender transition that were fully beyond my control."
“Maybe being gay — something I’d always, on some level, known about myself — wasn’t as wrong, bad and shameful as I’d taught at home.”
"I had become resigned to living the rest of my life as if it belonged to someone I emailed with a few times but never actually met."
Showtime's new political thriller has been praised for boasting "erotic depictions of same-sex sex" and is due out Oct. 29.
In “Earthquake,” the New York-based singer canoodles with actor Barrett Foa while relaying a message of self-empowerment through aquatic dance.
"It has been habitual, since I left the enclave, my careful shuttering of myself."
"How had I missed such obvious, significant parts of the people who were closest to me?"
The first same-sex dating show premiered on Bravo 20 years ago — and it illuminated an obstacle that queer reality shows still face today.
Comedian and singer Angel Laketa Moore speaks on the *ahem* fluidity of her viral hit.
Most adults find new friends at work. For LGBTQ+ people, though, it’s a little harder — and a lot more expensive.