After researchers pushed back on Donald Trump’s election lies, Republicans made them a political target. Now, many in the field are changing tactics.
The White House press secretary and the journalist argued in the briefing room over “disrespect.”
Musk has incentivized the spread of fake news with engagement monetization and paid verification, experts warn.
A Philadelphia outlet said it no longer employed Jackson Frank following his tweet about Palestine.
The former New York Times and BBC executive noted TV can no longer be CNN’s core business, noting changing audience habits.
Jessica Tarlov told her co-hosts on "The Five" to give up their "faux outrage" before citing some of Republicans' wicked words for liberals.
“We have never, in the history of our Nation, had a federal criminal trial that warrants audiovisual access more than” this trial, they said.
The AI website’s algorithm judged multiple opinion pieces from a white nationalist site to have “very high” reliability, among other concerning grades.
Once folks on social media saw the New York judge’s hammy facial expressions, they immediately started making memes comparing the trial to a sitcom.
Joe Concha doubled down on criticizing the singer, whom he previously called "trash," for her behavior at a Kansas City Chiefs game.