A black bear was "happily sleeping and apparently not too concerned about his 'cave mate,'" according to a Tennessee fire department.
The documentary, out Monday on PBS, examines the tragic history and hopeful future of the American buffalo.
The spike is not yet showing up at the pump, but fears of a regional conflict are driving up key crude benchmarks.
Gianluca Grimalda is an advocate of slow travel, but lost his job after refusing to fly home from a research trip on short notice.
The Pennsylvania senator explained to “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that being disabled has helped him acquire an ability that pundits on Fox News lack.
The owners of Butters the cat thought he wound up as “someone’s meal” before they got a surprise update about their long-lost pet.
Rescuers in India have found more bodies as they dug through slushy debris and ice-cold water in a hunt for survivors after a glacial lake burst through a dam.
This is arguably more exciting than getting knighted.
“It was just like a carpet of dead birds at the windows there."
“You have that notification, you know that something bad is happening,” a family member of one of the victims said of the couple’s SOS.