David Tronnes believed appearing on “Zombie House Flipping” would be a lifeline, prosecutors said as he went on trial for Shanti Cooper-Tronnes' murder.
Joyce Ann Small was arrested after opening fire outside a library and striking a homeless woman she'd previously helped, authorities said.
Video reviewed by HuffPost shows New York's Jasmine Adams being dragged into the street by her hair after the cashier allegedly called her a "transvestite."
Inna Vernikov was filmed walking around with the handgun at Brooklyn College while accusing people protesting Israel's retaliatory airstrikes of being terrorists.
Baltimore police are continuing to search for a second suspect; neither is a student or connected to the university.
Police suspect that James Fulgham attempted to cover up the deaths of Zina Williams and 7-year-old Zaccheus by setting their home on fire.
Ricky Dority spent more than two decades behind bars for murder until he used his pandemic relief funds to hire a private investigator.
Video appears to show Kaitlin Armstrong attempting to make a dash for freedom while awaiting trial in the shooting death of Anna "Mo" Wilson, authorities said.
After a municipal judge on Wednesday recommended she serve jail time for making false reports, her attorneys said she would appeal to state court, where the case would proceed with a jury trial.
In Florida, Mariah Clayton "was inappropriately handling the rifle and was culpably negligent in her actions," authorities said.