Members’ Comments

What our members thought of The Brand New Testament screened on 22 March 2017.

Reaction: 82%
Excellent: 34
Good: 20
Average 6
Poor: 3
Very Poor: 1

“Very original and funny.”
“Thought provoking.  Most unusual.”
“Very many laugh out loud moments.”
“A brave choice!  Well done.  I will remember that one.”
“A light hearted, rather silly film but fun – quite brilliant and with great humour!”
“Very original and a good sound track too.”
“Unfunny and offensive.  The special effects were original and clever.”
“Certainly different.  Nice to have a few laughs.”
“Quirky, zany film about love, trust, and honesty.  I loved it.
“Very enjoyable and could be quite ‘deep’ ?
“Interesting idea but only mildly amusing.”
“I didn’t split my sides but there were some interesting thoughts in there.  Being Belgian wasn’t one of them though.”
“Great fun and thought provoking!”
“Only the country that produced Magritte could have made it.”
“Fantastic!  What a great film.  We need this to happen here!  Thank you.”
“Dogma meets Delicatessen – funny, sad, touching and wise.”
“Hugely original and a welcome relief after the last film.”
“Great. Parable must flourish.  Watch out Trump!”
“Quirky and amusing.  For once, good sound too.”
“I really don’t know what to say!  I loved God’s wife.”
“Heavens above that was very clever.”
“Nice to see something completely different.”
“Some beautiful bits in it but…….”
“It was a fun film.”
“Vous avez sauvé le meilleur à la fin de la saison. Tout compris!”
“A perfect film for the season’s end.”
“Excellent in all respects.  A perfect ending to the year.”
“Loved it, loved it, loved it…….what a way to end the season.”
“A great film – a good end to the season. Thank you.”
“A gem of a find. A great fantasy (I’ve just put my phone on to check….)”
“A great one to finish on. Thanks for all your hard work.”
“A great film to finish the season – well done!”
“Who thinks up all this ridiculous rubbish?”
“Great film to finish the season.”
“What an enjoyable end to the season.”
“A light hearted romp. Definitely a feel good film.”
“Enjoyably bonkers!”
“Amusing in a small part.”
“Weird but wonderful!”
“Fab film – more please!”
“Wacky and wonderful!”
“A treat!”
“Great film.  Good fun.”
“Loved it!”
“Great fun!”
“Original and unique!”
“Best film ever!”
“Pure enjoyment.  Merci!”
“Lovely end to the season.”
“Off beat – most entertaining.”

What our members thought of 99 Homes screened on 8 March 2017.

Reaction: 68%
Excellent: 17
Good: 26
Average 11
Poor: 4
Very Poor: 2

“Gratuitous over-dramatisation of a serious subject.”
“By turns dull and unwatchably horrible.”
“A very well made American independent film.”
“Subtitles essential.  I understood it by mime.  Too many American films, also a few were mainstream and not suitable for a film society. Poor season.”
“The sound was dreadful.”
“Spoilt by poor sound – again.”
“A great film – or what I could hear of it.”
“Dreadful – inaudible.  The constant thumping music was just awful. Subtitles,  subtitles!”
“I didn’t like the music or the speech/sound quality.  Not one of the best sorts of subjects.”
“Spoiled by the very poor sound quality.  Have you not thought of having subtitles for American films?”
“Could hardly understand a word.  Could we have it quieter?”
“Found it difficult to keep up with the dialogue.”
“Another one that needed subtitles.”
“A very important topic but I don’t like the treatment.  And can we please, please have subtitles for us newbies.”
“Completely ruined by the dreadful, incessant music.  What would I do?”
“Unrelentingly grim, infuriating music and it needed subtitles.”
“A good film but so hard to hear what they were saying.”
“What a lot of work Mr. Trump has to do to make the USA a decent place to live. Far too long; soulless music and poor sound.”
“Hard to distinguish the speech. A superb but very disturbing and distasteful theme credible in America.”
“Shame to have two American films in a row.  Brilliant acting, very believable: it showed how easy it can be to give up your principles for the sake of personal necessity.”
“Quite sickening at times, as it was meant to be.  Corruption and desperation in equal measure.  Powerful.”
“Very powerful performances from the leads and family.  Nice to see right prevail.”
“Very difficult to watch – such a dreadful corrupt system- all the innocent people affected all for money.”
“Gripping film. It’s really depressing to think what people endured.”
“It’s amazing that there are so few films about this subject.”
“Money doesn’t buy you happiness. A good film.”
“A good story but without subtitles impossible to follow it. A rather dismal ending – shame.”
“The soundtrack was very difficult to understand – too fast and muffled – what little I could hear was very good.  Show this to Trump – not that it will make much difference.”
“Is that how Donald Trump made his money?  An interesting film showing the way in which one can be shunted into the wrong.”
“Good acting, fast moving but the best bit was the end. Thank goodness it finished.”
“Very human – a man gives into temptation to save his family but for what? The cruel world catches up with him anyway.”
“Too true to be enjoyed but needed airing.”
“I wanted to have a more conclusive ending.  Please can we have subtitles.  It’s hard to make out speech which is in a drawl and fast.”
“Interesting story – the background music was very intrusive at times.  A very quick ending not to see what happened to Carver, the main baddy.”
“But what about a life enhancing film? Can we have a few comedies for a change.” “Dialogue appalling.”
“So depressing, well-acted and moving. Bring on the Belgian comedy!”
“Dump Trump!”
“Unfortunately I couldn’t understand the language. Disturbing film.”
“Only criticism – soundtrack – mumbling.”
“Very repetitive.”
“Top stuff.”
“I’m glad I’m not American.”
“Too much of a “Trump fan club” for me.”
“Compelling and horrific.”
“Felt realistic.”
“Bit long (as usual).”
“A sad reflection on American life.”
“Must learn American.”

What our members thought of Spotlight screened on 22 February 2017.

Reaction: 86%
Excellent: 26
Good: 17
Average 3
Poor: 1
Very Poor: 0

“The best of the press – President Trump watch and learn!
“Riveting, I was captivated by the intensity of the journalists’ journey.  Again a sad film.
“Good pacy storytelling about the enemies of the people.
“Excellent but marred by the poor sound.  Otherwise very well explained.
“It was told well, if only some of the actors could speak more slowly.
“Difficult to follow all the characters in the plot, especially early on.  Thank goodness for a free press.
“Hard work to watch, but a worthwhile result.
“Undramatic, by which I mean not over-acted, but riveting and so real.
“Brilliant film which was great at conveying the intricacies of Boston society.
“Utterly gripping and horrifying at the same time.  It makes an interesting companion piece to the inhumanity of the jihadis portrayed in the last film.
“A shocking story, well dramatised and not over simplified.
I couldn’t hear a lot of it, but a great story. Thank goodness the journalists stuck with it.
A very intense and sensitive tale of a disturbing subject.  More gripping than I expected from the synopsis.
It was impressive that this was a true story which had an important result.
Excellent film – journalism at its best.
Great but would have been better as a documentary.  Subtitles needed.
Poor audio quality on a rather unremarkable film subject which could have been dealt with better.
A worthy story solidly told but it didn’t really need to be a film.
Our lives are governed by institutions.
Is that still the tip of an iceberg?
Fantastic, forensic and captivating too. What will we see disclosed about the White House in ten years time?
A triumph of justice over evil.
The sound quality was poor. I would like to see it again so that I can hear all the words. It is an important film to understand.
“Very good, but I needed subtitles.
“I had difficulty in hearing the dialogue.
“Regarding content, it was a very powerful film to watch, but there was an appalling soundtrack.  I could only hear 25%.
“Needed subtitles. American isn’t English.
“It was hard to understand the language, but an important story was well told.
“As there were no subtitles, it was most difficult to follow.
“A very hard-hitting film.
“Very well done.
“Disturbingly powerful – emotionally and statistically.
“Very revealing.
“Great ‘old-fashioned’ storytelling.
“Oh, what wicked people.
“Such a good film.
“Very poor sound.

What our members thought of Timbuktu screened on 8 February 2017.

Reaction: 82%
Excellent: 30
Good: 28
Average 5
Poor: 1
Very Poor: 0

“Such dignified people, particularly the women.  A fascinating insight into Mali and jihadi presence.
“Visually beautiful, but emotionally devastating. Such command of self in the face of incomprehensible actions.
“Thank goodness the culture was ‘saved’.
“A real insight; heartbreaking.
“A vivid portrayal of life under this barbaric law but the story line was too slow.
“Very slow but interesting.  It showed the futility of the regime.
“Good photography, but much too slow and disjointed.
“Beautiful photography, but too slow.
“Beautifully filmed but ultimately it got nowhere. It’s important to hear about these things but to balance often solutions has become too much the way of the documentary.
“I loved the football game minus the football.
“I now understand why football is called the ‘beautiful’ game – it was balletic – as was the film. Thank you.
“Stunning film. The football match summed up the whole situation.
“Conveys much of the real clash of cultures which breeds so many problems and the beautiful context in which this takes place.
“I’m not sure what I felt about it. I would need to reflect.
“Beautiful photography showing the horrors of intolerance and cruelty – and courage and goodness.
“I should have looked it up earlier.  Beautifully photographed, but I would like to understand it better.
“Visually fantastic. Emotionally draining! And very interesting.
“……and it is still going on. Beautifully acted and filmed.
“Beautiful photography. How can we ever understand them?
“Great atmosphere, but I’m not sure about the significance of the ending.
“The excellent but dreadfully unfathomable truth.  Photography was also excellent.
“Showed the impossibility of living under jihadists.  Beautiful film in terms of landscape and music.
“Haunting, terrifying, sobering.  A beautiful film about the ugliest side of humanity.
“Very depressing.  If only it weren’t for the madness of all religion.
“Lyrical and touching, but also monstrous.  The film shows that fanatics of any kind are light years beyond any kind of humanity.
“Beautifully filmed, but what senseless brutality Sharia brings.
“Excellent photography and scenery, but no wonder there is trouble in the world with those people who rule by fear and the gun.
“This is what happens when the idiots have the guns.
“A very disturbing film – difficult to watch- despicable behaviour of man towards fellow man.
“Visually stunning, but please stagger the more ‘down beat’ films.
“Seeing such films is why we joined the society. So many emotions. Excellent but depressing.
“Very evocative and moving,
“A beautiful film: a terrible story.
“Beautifully conceived and masterfully directed.
“Extraordinary film – beautiful but oh so sad!
“Beautifully filmed.  One of the best visually.
“Beautiful but disturbing.
“Showed jihadis too kindly!
“What beautiful music and how sad.
“Not sure.
“Too disjointed. Horrible. Scenery educational.
“Music and singing good.
“Too slow
“So much for Sharia law!
“Very insightful of the jihadis.
“Tragic ending.
“A sad and revealing film.
“Very emotive and disturbing.
“A rather cheerless existence. Rather them than me.

What our members thought of Victoria screened on 25th January 2017.

Approval rating: 65%
Excellent: 19
Good: 14
Average 9
Poor: 9
Very Poor: 6

“Very slow in parts.  Not convinced the single take worked.
“Tedious stuff but the second half was more interesting. The film had somewhat unbelievable characters.
“Brilliant. A preposterous story made utterly plausible by the continuous shot.  “It’s also like a dream.
“Succeeded in involving me enough that I forgot the one take business.
“Good film but I don’t see much future in a one shot movie.
“The first 20 minutes were quite enough – I didn’t stay for the rest.  The worst film so far.
“One take!  So what? The longest two hours of my life.
“One hour too long! Interesting last 30 minutes.
“The first 25 minutes should have ended up on the cutting room floor.
“Interesting film, a bit unusual with fine acting by ‘Victoria’.
“Slow build up.  Roller coaster of emotions. Gritty realism.
“The stuff nightmares are made of!  ‘Victoria’ was brilliant.
“Glad my life isn’t that exciting! Sombre and sober.
“Terrible language. Appalling at times with indistinct voices.  The story line held my attention and the background music was good.
“It made me feel almost seasick to start with. Absolutely riveting.
“Absolutely gripping – you were in the robbery and its aftermath.
“Slow start then gruelling. Do I really believe a 20 year old pianist would behave like this?
“Voices not always clear, but overall an impressive film.  Excellent acting.
“Story of a true, if misguided, friendship and a very brave girl.
“Cleverly done, The characters engaged one’s sympathy.
“Technically brilliant.  I feel like a wanted person.
“Not sure I was going to like the film at the start but wow, what a tense film.  “Brilliant acting.
“Why do we spend two hours watching such rubbish?
Not sure how to vote as I hated it; did not like the language, poor plot and no camera work.  Yet at the same time I appreciate that it did have merits if you like that genre.
“Bad language, poor lighting, not enough subtitles.
“Could have been excellent, but too long and slow.   Camera work superb, plot good but lacking professionalism.
“So that’s what happened to Bonnie and Clyde. Tedious.
“And I thought I had a bad day at the office.  Brilliant – one of the best so far.
“Dreadful film – I didn’t stay till the end.  Obviously a controversial choice so may be the length should have ruled it out.  A one camera shot is just a gimmick.
“Wow! One of the best films I’ve seen.  Different and stunning.
“The ultimate worst.  Who chose it? Never again. The only credit was its length.
“There are some great films out there but sadly this wasn’t one of them.
“Far too long and somewhat stretching credulity.
“Dramatically very different. Brilliantly conceived. Overlong?
“Totally boring and tedious.
“Tedious. That’s why they have cuts in films.
“Gripping!! Nearly fell off my chair.
“Incredible – beautiful – sad.
“The tension was brilliant!!
“Totally atmospheric but boring in places.
“Frighteningly realistic.
“All this for 50,000 euros.

What our members thought of The Apartment screened on 11th January 2017.

Approval rating: 91%
Excellent: 40
Good: 17
Average 2
Poor: 0

“Great film – good start to the New Year.
“Wonderfully constructed story – best film so far.
“They don’t make ’em like that any more!
“Wow – did we really have appliances like that?
“Wonderful nostalgia.  Don’t make ’em like that any more, do they?
“Just fabulous all round.  If only Hollywood made films like this today.
“How could I never have seen this before? Wonderful acting and good to have a storyline with such expressive feeling.
“They don’t make ’em like they used to. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
“Better each time. Billy Wilder at his best.
“I had no idea Shirley MacLaine was such a brilliant actress.
“The American commentary was difficult to understand. Very good to see Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine again.
Great film, I will reassess my cooking technique!
“This apartment was not flat.
“Great fun!  Quality acting.
“Great acting.  It was a good mixture of humour, pathos and near tragedy.
“Good old fashioned love story. Great film.
“Lovely film – amusing and a happy ending.
“I can’t believe that I have not seen this film before. Excellent.
“A pleasure – and in black and white.
“Most enjoyable – black and white is so very interesting.
“Good acting – poor sound quality.
“Enjoyed and managed to hear it!
“A pity such a lot of the dialogue was unintelligible – spoilt my enjoyment, but a happy ending thank goodness.
“Consequence and its aftermath. Fascinating.
“How things have changed.  How many now would work in that office?
“A lovely, schmaltzy, romantic comedy to cheer one up!
“Beautifully made period piece, but depressing!
“Enough! Will these people ever stop lying?
“The old ones are the best ones – just like me.
“Classic – no need to say anything more!
“Thoroughly enjoyed it.
“Quality really shows in this film, I do like an oldie!
“Full of interesting detail.
“Real feel-good, I loved it.
“Great film.
“Such a lovely film! Very enjoyable.
“Still excellent – cinematography, script, acting.
“A golden oldie.  Wonderful!
“Excellent – I loved it.
“Excellent retrospective.
“Classic – very enjoyable.
“More of the same please!
“Very interesting.
“The old ones are the best.
“What can I say?  It’s been said!

What our members thought of Rams screened on 7th December 2016.

Excellent: 19
Good: 31
Average 12
Poor: 1

Approval rating: 77%

Great film.  –  Interesting, but unresolved?

Beautifully grim.  –  Sad and moving, but rather slow.

Sad but brilliantly acted.  –  Not much comfort and joy!

A bit slow. What happened to the dog?

Slow. Necessary to evoke the life style, but still a slow watch.

Not as good as a lamb chop!  –  A bit too slow for me but unique!!

A hard life, depressing. Quite slow.

A very poignant film about how adversity can bring families together again.

A sad tale.  Life is too short for family conflict.

Does human goodness shine through only in extremities? Surely not.

Moving!  I hope there was a happy ending.

Well, that really cheered me up; memories of foot and mouth disease.

Very sad.

Painful memories of foot and mouth disease and how it affected remote or impoverished communities.

I felt I had scrapie after the first ten minutes. Glacial.

What a grim ending to the first half of the season.

Very good film, but couldn’t we have had a happy film at Xmas?

A very grim lifestyle realistically portrayed.  United in death?  Need the ending have been so bleak?

How sad, but very convincing as a true story.

Very dark with some humour – grim story but good – the ending left me quite unsettled. Is there a sequel?

Quite brilliant, but a lot of pregnant pauses and vacant looks. Did it finish?

I enjoyed the film, but would have preferred a more definite ending!

Very atmospheric – would have liked a more definite ending.

Fantastic Scandinavian atmosphere,

Deeply textured. An amazing depiction of a way of life and of love and hatred.

Beautiful landscapes.  I enjoyed the story, but would have liked a more definite ending.

Exceptional: a modern day Icelandic saga.

Funniest film I’ve seen in years – lovely sheep; strange people.

I was thinking I would tick ‘average’ until three quarters of the way through – and then……

Wonderfully atmospheric – even the men looked like sheep.

Fabulous, poignant and very humane – and the best beards in Scandinavia.

Horses and now sheep.  What is it with Icelanders?

Oh how I laughed, just not so hard or for too long.

Sad but gripping, did they die?  –  Odd. It kept and left me guessing.

Poor dog!  –  Brilliant but sad.  –  Loved it, very unusual.

Wonderfully filmed.  –  Slow and Bleak.  –  Very well done

I have heard it’s grim up north.

Is this to be continued on BBC4?

What our members thought of Dheepan screened on 30th November 2016.

Excellent: 11
Good: 30
Average 11
Poor: 2
Very Poor: 0

Approval rating: 73%

Excellent, riveting, superbly acted.  –  It fell apart.

Depressing and confusing.  –  Uncomfortable viewing.

Very good, enjoyed it.  –  Difficult to follow.  –  Confused.

An introduction to a different world.  –  Incomprehensible, disjointed.

Very difficult to follow the plot.  The girl was very good.

Confusing, disjointed but presumably true to life.

Really glad I saw the film, although it was confusing towards the end.

Relieved that there was a happy ending!  Thought provoking.

Quite an unsatisfactory ending.  Did Jacques Audiard run out of ideas?

How do you get out of that one?!  Otherwise a good view of refugee life.

A real insight into the life of a war refugee, very moving: I was puzzled by the sudden happy ending.

Harrowing, thank goodness for the seemingly happy ending.

Two types of warfare, but at least a happy ending.

Completely baffled by the motives of the ‘Paris’ gangs!

This was a hard hitting film and gave a good insight into what it’s like to be a refugee.

A terrifying tale of immigration and integration.  Bitter sweet and very difficult to watch.

Interesting story line, but very heavy and a bit slow at times.  Not a feel-good film.

Well acted.  A rather unbalanced view of both countries.  England seems to be ‘Arcadia’ – is Wandsworth so very different from a Paris high rise block?

Very gritty, disturbing and depressing.  The young girl was the only ray of light and hope in a dark world.

The terrible violence of the displaced wherever they may be.

Very depressing.  How many migrants find themselves in such a predicament?

How dreadful.  Makes one appreciate one’s own life.

Good up to a point, but it became a conventional crime film.

Where was the gendarmerie when all the shooting occurred?

A little long and some aspects were perhaps unbelievable.

A good film, but rather too much violence towards the end.

Too long; too violent; too grim.

Great performances, but it didn’t grip me.

Not much about pizzas.  –  How depressing was that!

What our members thought of Sing Street screened on 16th November 2016.

Excellent: 24
Good: 32
Average 6
Poor: 0
Very Poor: 1

Approval rating: 81%

I loved it. Best film of the season even though it needed subtitles! More music films please.

Great teen film, but it needs subtitles for the oldsters!

Sweet if hard to hear at times.

I missed a lot of the dialogue!  It was an interesting reminder of recent history where life was so different. Shocking in many ways.

Worth a second viewing with subtitles.

Beautifully observed, but as usual subtitles would have helped.

I think it was excellent or the bits I could hear were!

I thought I was going to need subtitles to begin with. Thank you.

Great film but the sound track was hard to hear some of the time.

Great music and a sound plot but 15 minutes too long.

A ‘feel good’ that cheers up a dreary day…and great music.

Most of the music was very good.  Words, beat and musicality better than I thought it would be.  The story line held my attention to the end.

Wonderful music, but I couldn’t hear the words.

Poignant teenage angst well documented.

A heart warming tale tinged with humour and sadness.

Overall a nice film, a strange mixture of reality and implausibility.

How sweet is adolescent rebellion!

Tremendous, what vitality, but I felt so sad for the older brother.

Wonderful coming of age story; great family relationships; school reminders!  Great fun film.

Excellent depiction of the struggle for identity and purpose. Pity blurred picture and sound.

Relief! I thought it might be grim, not having read the blurb first.

A cute, funny, nostalgic tale with a heart.

Nice feel good film, two generations adrift for this audience though!

One man’s vision not tampered with and all the better for that.

John Carney is shaping up as an excellent director of pop films.

Would have been average, but Motorhead made it good.

Thoroughly enjoyable film, great music too!

Touching, funny with a very Irish heart.  Much to be preferred to any sort of film about Hitler!

Needed subtitles.  –  A bit soppy but entertaining.  –  Subtitles?

Quite entertaining, a bit too long.  –  Feel good film.

What a change, enjoyed it.  –  Wonderful characters!  –  Stupid and childish.

Subtitles would have been good!!  –  Brilliant, loved the music.

Enchanting, great sounds.  –  Excellent feel good film.  –  Fab, a good replacement.

Great fun!  –  Reminded me of Sunshine on Leith.  –  This was a fine film!

What our members thought of Tangerines screened on 2nd November 2016.

Excellent: 45
Good: 22
Average 1
Poor: 0

Approval rating: 91%

A fantastic film. Deeply moving, showing the absolute futility of war. If only people could learn from this!

An excellent moral tale with an unusual setting.  Well acted.

No words can express the tragedy of it all.

Brilliant and heartbreaking illustration of the futility of war.

Wonderful and thought provoking.  This type of film is why I come to film club.

The message is so relevant in these contentious times, beautiful tale.

Do people never tire of war? Great choice.

Extremely powerful and moving. The end was a real jolt, with the possibility of an emotional uplift.

The fate of humanity in the face of war, difficult to watch.

Fascinating insight into a world only known to us at the highest level.  Wonderful moral.

An unusual take on enemies thrown together in war.  Pleasingly and believably played by all.

A powerful message, created with a good mixture of humour and horror.

It was good on showing how the characters developed a friendship for each other though it was always going to end badly.

Slightly slow at times, but a perfect illustration of the futility of war.

Having visited the beautiful Republic of Georgia and knowing quite a lot about their history and culture, they are a fierce and patriotic people with an ancient faith, songs, and traditions; treating guests as a “gift from God”. They really would do anything to protect what is theirs, and still do patrol the Caucasian mountains in case of Russian threats….so, all in all, a most interesting film about the fundamentals of human nature.

The synopsis in Wikipedia made it sound to me like a very grim film, but the spirit and humour of the characters, the wonderful acting, and slow reflective direction made it beautiful.  The strong presence of the physical surroundings – hut, table, tea, mud, rain, tangerine trees – gave it great depth.

Well thought-out. It needed to read about first as a history of the conflict would be useful. Stunning

Simply outstanding. The mundane, grim horror of war was woven into a gripping story of human frailty.

The character of Ivo and what he did to bring the warring men together was heartening. War is terrible. A very sad but wonderful tale with a good message of barriers broken down with good communication.

Conveyed the waste brilliantly.  A very good picture of slow reconciliation, if only…

It was a very interesting insight into a conflict I knew little of.

Powerful and moving.  A comment on the tragedy of ethnic war and on the human goodness that lies beneath.  Excellent acting and direction.  Thanks.

The best film I have seen this year, thank you.

A very powerful film with a message for us all.

Slow build up to an interesting ending.

What a wonderful example the character of Ivo was!

A fantastic film, I did like Ivo’s workshop!

A powerful and moving anti-war piece.  A luminous performance from the saintly Ivo.

Good film, splendid photography and not over dramatised. I would like to have had subtitles for the Estonian or Georgian song at the end.

Very moving, but where was the food coming from?

I’m sick of wars, what a waste of life when you could be growing tangerines.

Most depressing film so far this season.  –  The best film this season.

War is pointless.  –  Oh, the futility of war.  –  If only…………!

A haunting evocation of the futility of war.  –   Charming depiction of the futility of war.

Very sad film showing the futility of war!  –  OK war is sh*t, we get it.

An excellent depiction of the futility war.  Beautiful and sad.

A demonstration of the futility of war.  –  Touching.  –  Very moving.

Brilliant portrayal. A gem of a film.  –  Lovely musical phrasing.

Very meaningful.  –  Extreme and sensitive.  –  Superb, a must see.

Thought provoking film, loved it.  –  Excellent film.  –  Poignant.  –  Top storytelling.

Very atmospheric.  No one wins a war.  –  Well-paced with sufficient tension, great plot.

What our members thought of The Crow’s Egg screened on 19th October 2016.

Excellent: 35
Good: 19
Average 5
Poor: 1

Approval rating: 87%

A delightful film.  –  Interesting if slow, gentle.  –  Heart warming.  –  Charming.

Delightful film.  –  Utterly enchanting; the perseverance of youth and poverty.

Wonderful atmospheric film.  –  Uplifting!  –  Very enjoyable story.

Charming moments but overall rather ho-hum.  –  Brilliant.

A great film, but very fast subtitles.  –  Such an enthusiasm for life!

Lovely feel good film.  –  Best film this season, marvellous boys.

A wonderful film, sweet and sour, and beautifully made.

A simple story beautifully told, most enjoyable.

Well acted, a good story beautifully photographed.

Rather disjointed and technical hitch towards the end spoilt the resolution of the story.  Final ending rather predictable.

Seemed to have a section missing.  Rather disjointed at first.  Somewhat predictable ending.  Good depiction of the divisions in Indian society.  Great child actors.

Interesting insight into Indian life in the slums.

A charming story epitomising the Indian spirit and showing the urban India in the raw.  A nice moral at the end.

Heart warming, a very true portrayal of life in Indian slums.

How will India ever achieve a levelling out of its huge class divide?  Are we that much better at it?

At one level quite charming but the poverty!!  Oh dear.  The two boys were delightful.

The children were terrific, a lovely story but what a life in those slums!

Lovely film, amazing brothers but surviving in the poverty.

I enjoyed seeing a different side of India.

Very poignant.  Great acting by the boys.  I hate globalisation and hope the traditional India can survive.

Lovely music and film, beautiful story, simple but complex.

Wonderful storytelling.  A heart warming film even if we did have to imagine the missing scene!

Good film with rubbish song lyrics.  The film missed a scene or two before the end, why were the boys on the run?

A beautiful film showing the resourcefulness of human nature.

A beautiful story, the relationship between the brothers was very touching, super little actors.  It had a good message that money does not always mean happiness.

Very moving.  Sad that life for some is like that.  I liked the humour and the music.

Very enjoyable.  Good acting from the boys.  The cultural aspects were interesting.  I also enjoyed the music and lyrics.

Terrible lyrics in an excellent story and film.  –  Enchanting and interesting subtitles to the songs.

A simple story beautifully presented and wonderfully portrayed by such charming and talented young protagonists.  Delightful film.

Lovely film.  What good acting especially the boys.

Utterly charming performances by the boys.  The humour helped to mitigate the heartless nature of the society.

Splendid little boys and so very natural!  –  The boys were real stars.  A bit of a moral there maybe!

What our members thought of Room screened on 5th October 2016.

Excellent: 26
Good: 19
Average: 5
Poor: 2

Approval rating: 83%

Needed subtitles.  –  Very thought provoking.  –  Excellent soundtrack.

Very educational.  –  Brilliant acting of a harrowing story.  –  Mind blowing

Hard to watch, but I liked it.  –  Harrowing story but amazing actors.

Brilliant acting.  –  I found it most moving.  –  Extraordinary.

Very powerful, maybe use subtitles?

Thought provoking and troubling because this really happened.

A very powerful film, however, I missed a lot of the dialogue because they mumbled!

What a sad film, thank goodness for a happy ending.

A powerful and very absorbing plot.  –  Difficult concepts to absorb, but magnificent.

Pretty grim, but a happier ending than expected.

So depressing to think that similar events have actually happened.

A very good adaptation of the book, excellent acting.

Psychotic, riveting, thought provoking and eventually liberating.

Unbelievable if we didn’t know that these things have really happened!

A gripping film, very moving. Portrays experiences by people who have been incarcerated like this in recent years.

A brilliant but harrowing tale.  Adjustments for the child and mother in the “real” world and expectations were more difficult for her than the child.  Very emotional as it was viewed from the child’s perspective and showed the bravery of both. A very real sensitivity shown.

Very poor sound – the sound was fine at Tower Parks!  A good story but overplayed emotionally.

The first half was more interesting, but the finish off was skin-crawling.

Found it sometimes difficult to follow, hazy.  A bit slow and pedestrian.

Spoilt for me yet again by jerky camerawork and muffled sound

Happy ending but a little drawn out.  –  Once again indistinct speech, subtitles please!

I enjoyed it in a dark sort of way and could have done with subtitles.

Subtitles would have helped and increasing the volume did not.  Brilliant acting by the child.  Dull at times but improved by the end.

A good film spoilt by being overly loud.

Difficult subject; should a chid have been asked to play that role?

Brilliantly acted and enjoyable after a slow start.

Very good acting.  Nice that there was an optimistic ending. The little boy should have won an Oscar!

Very moving and sensitive, beautiful filming; brilliant acting but difficult to hear the words,

Superbly acted and filmed, especially the first part when in the “Room”.  It was hard at times to decipher what Jack was saying. My word! That little boy, what an actor.

“Jack” should have got the Oscar!  Second time round and still as gripping..

Amazing, harrowing.  The little boy who played Jack was incredible.  Thank you for showing this!

Traumatic subject matter handled brilliantly; it kept faithful to the book.

What our members thought of Taxi Tehran screened on 21st September 2016.

Excellent: 38
Good: 22
Average 7
Poor: 0

Approval rating: 83%

Excellent film, the best I have seen in a long time.  –  Humorous, enchanting, warm, brave.

What imagination!!  –  A symbolic statement.  –  Brilliant.

How refreshing to see a movie like this.  –  Very different, enjoyable.  –  A new experience.

Thought provoking.  –  Interesting.  –  We are so fortunate.

Everything a film should be.  –  Absorbing and eye-opening.  –  Excellent film.

Showed Iran is really a scary place……..a very courageous film.

Tehran comes off surprisingly well – a modern city like any other.  The director successfully broke every criterion for distributing films there.

I learned a lot about Iran  –  A brave effort to show how life is lived in a dictatorship.

Very clever idea – kept us unsure what was real and what was acted.  Interesting to see Tehran: how quiet the streets seem and at least relative freedom for women.

Very different –  an interesting insight on how Iran works.

Disturbing to say the least.  How is it possible to live, outwardly genial, surrounded by the feeling of threat everywhere?

An insightful portrayal of the lack of a freedom of speech.

Interesting to see Tehran and ‘normal’ life seem from inside a Taxi. It felt like you were there.  Made me realise how lucky we are to live in the UK (despite ‘Brexit’).

Thought provoking and makes me grateful to live in the west.

An interesting insight into Iran’s culture.

Quite an insight into a very different culture shown in a humorous style.

Politically interesting.  The director and others who take part are very brave.

Were any parts acted?  Superb as a documentary.

An extraordinary and very clever achievement.

Very entertaining from beginning to end but a strange ending, making me want more.

Novel, started well, progressed reasonably but became an hour too long.

Absolutely delightful yet sobering at the same time.  The relationship between Mr Panahi and his niece was very heartening.

What an unusual film, very interesting.  –  Totally engaging, a unique film made interesting in difficult circumstances.

An interesting concept, smartly done but it didn’t grip me.

Very interesting.  A very foreign world but also familiar.  Felt a bit car sick.

Informative and entertaining.  A refreshing change of format.

The secret police live on.  –  Excellent because of what it showed!

Very thought provoking.  I’d like to see it again,

Most revealing yet the underworld was menacing.  Seemed affluent (cars, cameras ) and orderly but they’re in a box with no personal freedom.

Puzzled – I should have read the notes first.  Hade me feel travel sick which didn’t help.

Authentic film – unlike last week’s.  –  Car Share but much darker.

Who knew Roy Orbison made films!

What our members thought of Hail, Caesar! screened on 7th September 2016.

Excellent: 14
Good: 41
Average 12
Poor: 3
Very Poor: 1

Approval rating: 72%

A few good laughs!  –  A lovely romp!  –  Nice to start with a jolly one.

Very entertaining.  –  George Clooney Great.  –  Terrific stuff  –  Very entertaining.

Strangely convincing!  –   Kept me on my toes.  –  Great start!

Disappointing  –  What an amazing mix.  –  Brisk start.  –  Good fun.

Very interesting and appealing to those with long memories.

It was no Big Lebowski.

Wonderful!   It even had a plot with a beginning, a middle and an end.

This was my second viewing.  I enjoyed it more this time.  Humorous and interesting work by the Coen brothers incorporating so many film themes into their “story”, but not one of their best efforts.

Really enjoyed it, but not one of their best for me.

Very original – loved the different film sets.

A strange film but quite enjoyable.

Good film – some great scenes.

Some of the slapstick was a little heavy handed.

The sound and diction was bad.

Loved it!!  But the dialogue was very fuzzy as usual!

Couldn’t understand a lot of the speech, especially at the beginning.  Was it a question of enunciation or poor sound quality?  A lot of enjoyable sequences.

Probably most of the hilariousness was lost on me – but some was a giggle.  Clever.

I’m afraid I didn’t really get it.

Sound quality was difficult.

Amusing but I could have done with subtitles.

Ralph Fiennes should get a star for diction.  He was the only person who spoke clearly.

Hard to hear the words.  Good fun spotting the connections.

Entertaining – my favourite bit was Ralph Fiennes as director and “twere”

The synchronised swimming and the music were good.

Good bits – especially the dance.

Best scene – lassoing guy trying to pronounce the words right.

So clever! I’m surprised there wasn’t more audience laughter. I loved the fact that….the simple cowboy saved the day.


What you thought of The Women on the Sixth Floor screened on 23 March 2016.

Excellent: 37
Good: 20
Average: 3

Overall Rating: 89%

Better than good. Loved it.  –  Lovely story and interesting social history.

Delightful story with beautiful people.  –  Nice ending….  –  Sweet.

A wonderful film.  – Lovely, cheery!  –  Moving.

Charming, lively and entertaining!  –  Fairly harmless.

Maravillosas mujeres españolas. A wonderful film doing justice to wonderful Spanish women.

Charming and a lovely cameo of 1960s France and Spain.

Well done – especially Mme Joubert.  Charming and lovely Spanish ladies.

Hope we are still in the EU next season!  Wonderful film to finish.

Nice play with the national stereotypes.

Nice to have a thoroughly French ending to the season (not forgetting Spain of course).

Too shallow….a bit too French farce-like.

Do the French know how to make a film that doesn’t revolve around a married man having an affair?

Very French, old man and young woman once again.

…………And they all lived happily ever after!

How lovely to end on La Vraie VieBonnes Vacances.

A delightful film to end the season with.

What a nice film to finish the season with!

Congratulations on choosing such a lovely film to finish the season – it flowed very well.

A lovely end to the season – a feel-good factor.

The best film this season – more like that please. Wonderful characters, clothes and music.

Nice to have a feel good film to end the season.  Highly enjoyable.

Nice to have a light-hearted film, very good.

A lovely, lovely film!  Thank you.

Great film to end the season.  Loved it.

A very nice film to end the last of this years films.

Nice to have a ‘feel good’ for once.  Beautifully acted.  Heart warming.

A comedy to finish the season.  –  Nice end to the season.

A real ‘feel good’ movie.  –  It was lovely to end the year on a happy note.

Second best film of the season.  Thank you for all your hard work.

A fantastic film and a great end to an excellent season.

Good one to end on.  Thanks for all the films.

Lovely way to end the season.  Thank you for all of the films (even those I didn’t like!!).

Thoroughly enjoyable but no match for Untouchable.

A fine way to finish the season!  A nice feel good movie to watch in these troubled times.  Enjoy your break everybody .  See you in September.

We all like a happy ending!


What you thought of The Selfish Giant screened on 9 March 2016.

Excellent: 14
Good: 21
Average: 5
Poor: 7
Very Poor: 2

Overall Rating: 69%

All the emotions of life.  –  Excellent and horrifying.  –  Powerful, brilliant.

Very sad.  – Excellent but horrific.  –  Powerful.

Very tough, very moving.  –  Sick minds.  –  Bundle of laughs!

Happy families in Bradford.  –  Difficult to watch.  –  Brilliant acting.

Too dark for me!  –  More entertainment appreciated.  –  No bright sparks.

It’s salutary to be reminded of the divides within our society.

Subtitles would have helped – very tough to follow the dialogue.

Sobering story.  Shame I couldn’t hear all the words.  It would have added insight to their relationship.

Couldn’t tell what the boys said.  Superb acting.  Atmospheric, sobering and superb.

The two children were brilliant actors but needed subtitles!

Grim and needed to be edited.

Far too slow and didn’t really do it for me.  Subtitles might have helped.

A deeply depressing experience.

A superbly raw and unflinching reminder of another existence in modern Britain.

We are very insulated from that feral world.

Real life below the bread line.  Some MPs should watch this!

More misery.  Surely someone (social services) registered their absence from school?

Yer fooker!  This is exaggerated realism not typical of anything other than a warped imagination.

Should be compulsory viewing for Government Ministers.

Initially it was hard to tune into the Yorkshire accent despite having lived there for 30 years.

A masterpiece depicting a snapshot of modern day life for many pockets of society.

Gritty, tender and sensitive.  Captivating drama, wonderfully acted by the two young protagonists.

I feel as if I’ve been subjected to a lesson in despair.

Very well acted, but I don’t understand the  ‘Selfish Giant’ reference.  Must read the notes.

Teenage angst – No more like this.

Too many horse films.

Another film about horses – have we been sponsored by the Jockey Club?  If we’re having any more,

Can the next film be a Western?


What you thought of Ida screened on 24 February 2016.

Excellent: 24
Good: 23
Average: 8
Poor: 1
Very Poor: 1

Overall Rating: 80%

Very moving.  –  Enjoyable and emotive.  –  Loved the black and white.

Short…but long.  –  Beautifully observed.  –  Very moving.

Touching story.  –  Sad.  –  Grim, sad, educational.

A sad film, beautifully made.  –  Thankfully a short film.

Not for me.  –  Disjointed and gloomy.  –  Nothing to say.

Poignant and thought provoking.  Reminds us of the role of the bystander in genocide.

Poor, dear Poland.  Thank God we don’t have a recent past like that.

Depressing – grey – Poland in the 1960s.  Ugh!

A deep, beautiful story.  Quite common I would imagine.

Interesting, unusual.  But not commercial.  Very 1960s post-war Europe.

Beautiful in many ways but sad.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.

One individual history from the millions.  Beautifully acted and shot.  The film was accurate in the feeling that it was made 50 years ago.

A brilliant re-creation of the period.

A memorable film – as much for the silences as the satisfying simplicity of the story and the beautiful acting.  Thanks for showing this.

What conflicts our equivalent generation, born in the 1940s, underwent in Poland.

Too slow and drawn out with a complex film atmosphere.

Far more in the unsaid than in the words.

Beautiful in its minimalist script.  Poignant.

Having little dialogue it can convey emotions and moods.

I loved the stillness of it.

The pace and minimal dialogue were powerful.

A film society film.  Black and white lends texture to the story.

I liked the silences and the rather blurred black and white photography of the countryside.

Atmospheric and beautifully made.

Anna has a wonderful face – in a very sensitive film.

So simple; so sensitive; wonderful.

Completely absorbing. Very right to be in black and white and only music when some was actually being played!

Beautifully observed.  One of the best of the season.

A dark subject but magnificent photography.

A bit of a docu-dismal – maybe the sequel will be in colour.

Ida liked it to have finished sooner.


What you thought of Wild Tales screened on 3 February 2016.

Excellent: 28
Good: 18
Average: 8

Overall Rating:  84%

Crazy but fun.  –  Bonkers!  –  Well I never!  –  Horribly funny!

It was wild, certainly!  –  Totally ridiculous.  –  Loved it!

Where were the Confettis?  –   A bit too much for me.

Quite a Wedding!  –  Hilarious!  More please!  –  Hilarious!

Words fail me!  –  Bang on!  –  Different, disjointed, enjoyable.

Excessive; well – paced and a damn good viewing!

Totally bonkers but brilliant.  There’s no comedy like a black comedy!

Although I didn’t like all the tales, I thought the last one was fabulous.  Such excellent acting – so absolutely delightful.

Oh what fun, a great film.

Super night’s entertainment.  I loved them all.

I loved three out of the six.  –  Very enjoyable, a good laugh.

This would have been a good one to finish with – we went out smiling!

I could do with a laugh by now.  Excellent!   –  Perfectly over the top!

How a film should be made.  Magnificent.

I do recognise the scenarios!  But I never actually do it.

Life in all its many ways and problems.  Interesting and light hearted.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord.  –  Excellent.  About justice.

We should not laugh at other people’s misfortune – well not too loudly!

Vengeance is so sweet!  –  You should always be nice.

We are so controlled here.  Are we?

Wonderful vignettes of revenge in the cold light of day.

Very enjoyable and different.  –  A gem!  Only in Spain?

Help – I’m going to Spain for my holiday!

Extreme black comedy.  –  Amusing but no depth.

It was beyond comment.creened on 20 January 2016.

And to think I could have gone to a lecture in the museum this evening!


What you thought of The Golden Dream screened on 20 January 2016.

Excellent: 13
Good: 33
Average: 7
Poor: 2
Very Poor: 1

Overall Rating:  80%

Harrowing; humbling.  –  I had no idea.  –  Not the anticipated dream.

A sad, sad film.  –  Beautiful photography.

Very slow;  very realistic;  extremely sad.  –  Bleak.  Tragic.

Very Boring.  –  Too long – very depressing.

Stunning film making.  Such a sad scenario which is still happening.

Quiet to start with but shocking later on!

A powerful story and a timely reminder of the lengths people will go to in order to get a “better life”.

A powerful film showing the resilience of the human body and spirit.

Poetic, thoughtful and very sad.  –  What a journey!  A very tragic film.

Good but depressing.  Is it worth dreaming???

A topical and sobering tale.  –  No conclusion to a depressing film.

Much too slow – but clever – well done.

It should have been engrossing but I thought it was tedious.

The same scenario across the world: exploitation.

Very moving and relevant to the present time.

Excellent but not very uplifting – too many parallels all over the world just now.

Sad, so very sad.  And what easy lives we have…..

No denying what comfortable lives we live here.

Life is not always greener on the other side!  Quite a topical film.

Brings into perspective the meaning of ‘victim’!  Makes me consider the plight of the current migrants.

Lovely scenery but how the other world lives!

Just up Donald Trump’s street.

If only this wasn’t the truth.  This film should be shown on prime time television.  An amazing film.

How privileged we are.  It makes you wish Donald Trump could see this.  Very sad.

Pulled no punches.  Slow to start but gathered dramatic pace.  Certainly no Hollywood happy ending.

A little slow but captivating.  Wonderful portrayal by young actors.  Very authentic and sensitive.

Desperate, unrelenting – as it must be – plus man’s inhumanity to men.

Was ‘the dream’ really fulfilled I wonder?  Excellent photography.

Amazingly good photography.  Dialogue almost non-existent?!

“In this world” for the Americas.  Some power4ful photography , odd edits but what a narrative.

The train was the hero.  Interesting cinematography.

Frying pans and fire?


What you thought of: Untouchable.

Excellent:  82

Good:       4

Overall:     99%

Wonderful story – loved it.                         Very good, a great film.                     Brilliant

A classic.                 Accomplished             Fantastic – loved it.                            Perfection.  A joy.

Good to laugh out loud.                               Terrific.                                              Another joyous film! Bravo!

Very enjoyable.                                           The best this year.  Lovely.                Wonderful.

Refreshing and so funny!                            A very charming film – really enjoyable.        Absolutely brilliant.

Chouette!!  (absolutely brilliant film)         Brilliant and moving and joyous.                     Brilliant

Excellent in every way.                               Absolutely loved it!                                       Fantastic.

C’est Magnifique!                                        Remarkable, formidable, great film.             Fantastic.

Brilliant!  C’est tous!                                    Just fabulous!                                                              Very entertaining.

Poignant film, extremely funny, very French.                  Touching, funny.  A good balance.

A real gem.              Superb.                        Affecting and a good film.                        Very enjoyable film.


Beautiful – a lesson in tolerance, love and courage.                       A tremendously refreshing start to 2016.

Forget the rest – this has been the best.                                          What a cracker!!  Marvellous.

The ending was odd – not resolved.                                                            Best film I’ve seen for years.

Superb….the French film makers do it again.                                One of the best films of the season.

Funny, touching, and very effective story telling by the director and writers.

I wanted to applaud at the end!  Possibly the best film of an excellent season.

Just when you think you’ve got the French sussed, they hit you with this!  Enchanting.


What a lovely humorous film, Best so far.                                     Brilliant.  Best film of the season.

Best film this season – and based on a true story.  Excellent.

The film lived up to its billing and I quite agree – wonderful acting and scenery.  Well done.

Best film I’ve seen in a very long time – very funny but moving too.  Will have to see it again.

Superb production, couldn’t do it in England ( or anywhere else ).

Only the French can make such an excellent film from such a difficult situation.

You are so spoiling us.  How ever will we be able to watch an “ordinary” film after the last two?

Fantastic and funny – best film so far.

What a brilliant film.  It made me laugh and cry.  The best film yet.

Third time I’ve seen it – it just gets better.                         Third time seen. Wonderful, wonderful film.

A cracker of a film, it still gets better every time you see it.


Best film of the season so far.  What’s the betting Hollywood remake it?  Or is it too un-PC ?

The French Dustin plus the Midnight Cowboy??

It touched all emotions – hilarious but also very moving.                            Bon – liked the true story very much.

Wonderfully touching tale, beautifully acted and a great sound track.

The faces of the two men were fascinating.  I just wish my French were better.

Quite the most heart warming film I have seen in a long time.  Didn’t the guy in the wheelchair look like

Mandelson  Un?????????







What you thought of : Dark Horse.

Excellent:  45

Good:       18

Average:   3

Overall Rating:  91%

A beautiful love story.                                   Cried all the way through!

Well done them.                                                           A lovely story.

Very enjoyable.                                                                 A wonderful film.

Delightful                          Lovely story.                          Great story telling.

Excellent, uplifting – the power of animals.                     A real gem!

Heart warming.                  Beautiful.                                           Good filming and story.

Very enjoyable.                 A charming film.                    Most enjoyable.


A wonderful, wonderful film documentary.  Best of the season.

Wonderful film, best that we have had.

Best film yet this season!

Interesting photography  – very nearly made a “Sea Biscuit” story.

An emotionally exhilarating tale of equine fortitude.  It was more of a Channel 4 documentary.

Probably a T.V. programme rather than a film per se, though.

Interesting story, well filmed but a bit pedestrian.

What characters!  A heart-warming story.


Loved the story: nice to see the “common” man have a success.

Brilliantly assembled film.  Great social commentary.

A delightful documentary and very interesting.

Lovely film; charming.  I enjoyed the actual people taking part.  Thank you.

Great little story well-told.

Simply lovely – very convincing, special photography.

Wonderful film, wonderful story; beautiful people, beautiful horse!

A heart- warming tale deftly told.                                    Simply lovely and heart-warming.

Superb, heart-warming, gentle and positive.  A film to make you laugh, cry, and love life.

What a tear jerker!  Good one to finish the year on.


Lovely story – had the feel good factor.                 Great that our programme is back on track.

Loved it.  Some sunshine would have been nice.  Shot a bit close.

No one should support the Grand National.

Such an original concept – characters not actors.  So real, so obviously Welsh.  Magnificent!

Very endearing.  Made me feel I was back in S. Wales.

Like Pride – a wonderful advert for Welsh villages.

Inspirational – lets have more Welsh films.

What a wonderful humorous horse film and great Welsh humour.

Wonderful….what else could I say as working class Welsh upbringing.

Makes you wish you were Welsh!


I’m forming a syndicate tonight!



What you thought of :  Force Majeure.

Excellent: 5

Good:     27

Average:  18

Poor:    6

Very Poor:   2

Overall:  62%

Too slow and it felt long.                Lovely scenery.                      Much too slow.

This was boring but the scenery outstanding.        Quite baffling.                                Absolute rubbish

Not too many like that please!!                                          Rather disappointing – long winded.

Completely baffled.                        Very challenging.       Too grim to be enjoyable.              Happy Hols!

Boring – going to the loo three times?  What did that add to the story line?

Hard to sympathise with the characters.  This was Scandi but bit too noir.

A little drawn out.  Right on the nail concerning women.

Slow in places but interesting and the men in the audience seemed to identify with the situation.

Wonderfully raw insight into family life, beautifully and sensitively acted.  Great photography and sound.

Well acted and observed but too long for me.  Interesting but I would rather not watch it again.  I didn’t

really feel sympathy for any of the characters.


It could only have been Swedish.                            Terrifyingly realistic ! From a Skier.

All Swedes need constant therapy.  I know, I am one.

That, my friends, is why you will never see me wearing skis.

Very Swedish!  I have never wanted to ski and now I know why!  I’m lost for words.

Never did fancy a skiing holiday!  Nice contrast between the mountains and ski slopes and the claustrophobic

family emotions.                                                     The moral of this story – don’t go on holiday.

It was good but one should never mock Butlins’.

Best representation of skiing I have seen.  Not quite as good on the plot.  Provoking!

It grew on me- and touched emotions I thought I’d well buried.  So thought provoking I will watch it again.

Oh, and it’s rekindled my love of skiing.

Not sure “enjoyable” is the right word but I was engrossed.

Tense – I can’t wait for my first skiing holiday!  Funny!

Bit too weird for me, but enjoyable.                       Some interesting points for discussion.


Boring!  Boring!  Boring!  Though I liked the scenery.              Lovely scenery – shame about the film.

Well, the scenery was beautiful.                             Beautiful scenery but awfully long days!

Interesting but bleak in parts.  Beautiful scenery.

Atmosphere typical ski weather.  Depressing relationship – great characters.

I’m glad I wasn’t in room 415.  Too long and disjointed.

If this is comedy what is a tragedy like?                            I have seen better films than this.

Blank screen!  No dialogue!  No ending!

A sense of impeding doom.  Too much inaction.  Could be shorter. Strange.

Was it incoherent and  ? which didn’t seem to hang together or a perceptive study

of human behaviour?

Painful – a little overlong.  Good acting and extraordinary snow scenes ( for one who’s never skied ).

Probably good but much to endure – I would not want to sit through it again.

All because he hadn’t had a ciggie all week?               Very different.  What happened to their luggage?

I had a tooth pulled out on Monday but it wasn’t as painful as watching this.  Glacial doesn’t come close!

I actually prayed for an avalanche to bring the end.  Complete garbage!

It made me want to scream!




What you thought of Far from the Madding Crowd   1967 version.

Excellent: 32

Good:  9

Average: 0

Poor and Very Poor: 0

Overall Rating:94%

Best film this season.                                                        Faultless.

I enjoyed this film the best of all we have had.

I never tire of seeing it.  Now, this is the best film you have shown.

Terrific then – terrific now!

  1. The camera told the story.

Beautiful scenery – good pace and colourful.                   Almost beyond words.


A true classic!  Beautiful local scenery. Some of the acting looks a little dated but still fabulous.

Fifty years? Never.  Such atmosphere.                  Beautifully shot.  Dialogue seems dated.

Just as good as it was years ago.

They do not (or cannot) make such quality now.  And not just in films!

Stood the test of time very well.

A wonderful film.  Why make another version?


Cockfight scene? Horton tower? Not a bad story though – someone should write a book.

What happened to the ‘morning after’ scene outside the barn?

A masterpiece – I could watch it a hundred times.  Thank you!  What a shame some scenes

were missing (leaving out the barn and the cockfight).


The film was simply excellent.  One could take issue with Hardy but that’s another matter!

Classic doom ridden Hardy and an hour too long.

What a wonderful film!  The time flew by.

Superb film with magnificent acting.  Hasn’t dated!  What a treat to see uneven teeth.


So much better than the recent version!

It was good to see the original.  It is better than the latest version.

So much better than the remake.

They don’t make ’em like this anymore!!  Excellent photography.  Realism – a bit mixed.

Music very appropriate.  Good story – thank you Thomas Hardy!!  A good evening.

The best!  Compared with the modern version.                Much better than the new one!

I first saw this when living in Notts. and had never been to Dorset.  This film ages well,

it has beautiful photography, some stereotyping but typical Hardy I suppose.

The detail,  facial expressions are far better than in the new production.

Having seen the remake, I think both had outstanding performances and scored differently on many points.

Either version would be a welcome addition to the collection.


You cannot beat the golden old ones – superb film and outstanding photography and direction.

I first saw this film in 1967 because Dave Swarbrick was in it.  It has been one of my top ten films ever since.

PS. Why no ice cream on sale during the Intermission?

What you thought of :  Human Capital.

Excellent:   39

Good:         30

Average:     6

Poor:          3

Very Poor:  1

Overall Rating: 83%

Very well done.                   Keeps your interest throughout.                     Chaotic but enjoyable.

Lost its focus half way through.                 Brilliant at times.  Good movie!        Somewhat disjointed.

  1. Liked the structure.                Weird, disjointed.                   Did the Italians invent drama?

Gripping!  The tension gave me a headache!         Brilliantly constructed story.   Gripping and stylish.

Neatly done.  (Why did they translate “stupide” to dumb? )         Brilliant film, best so far!

Nice one,  good film.                       It had me on the edge of my seat.                  Thought provoking.

Gripping – cleverly constructed.                 Money talks!!             A very critical view of Italian society.


Amazing – brilliantly acted, such a clever idea – very powerful.

Too much boring dialogue – tedious, over done on sex scene.

Didn’t guess who dunnit – very interesting.                   Completely absorbing – very well acted.

Seen for the second time – still brilliantly plot and I liked the device for telling the story.

A most unusual film yet very entertaining.  When up against it they either buckled or ran.

Very good, enjoyed this film.  Well acted and a good story.

Far too complicated – language dreadful.  Well acted but a waste of time.

A good example of life’s complexities – I enjoyed it.

Poignant, thought provoking, perhaps a little predictable.


What a villainous lot!                   Interesting film about money and power.

So money isn’t everything but it can solve a lot of problems.

An exceptionally powerful morality play.  The best film of the season so far!

Nice cinematic analysis of a corrupt society.                  I didn’t have empathy for any of the characters.

The cyclist was the only character I didn’t dislike.                     Money is the root of all evil!

Held my interest but disliked most of the characters except Serena’s mum.

The rest sold their souls.


Very complex structure which kept everything clear at the end.

The three chapter format worked well in the development of the story.  Very enjoyable.

Most enjoyable – especially via the different angles.

Brilliant!  A very interesting story structure.  I do not normally enjoy flashback films, but

this was done so well.

I thought that the structure of the film really did justice to the subject matter.

Pleasurable interweaving across social divide and human gullibility.

Best film yet.  I liked the backward story line.  Thought provoking.

Very well structured; it held our attention.

Brilliant characterisation and tone to the human relationships in all their complexity.

Very entertaining! Nice straightforward treatments.                    Loved the dovetailing of the stories.

Brilliant – great story and actors well chosen.


Those Italian drivers!

Of course, it’s not like that here!







What you thought of : Love is Strange.

Excellent:  24

Good:        24

Average:   13

Poor:        3

Very Poor:  1

Overall Rating:  73%

Beautiful, Beautiful and sad.                     Brilliant.                     Great acting. Enjoyable.

Very endearing.                                         Overly long but worth it for the music.

Beautifully understated.                            John Lithgow was brilliant.               Sound quality !

A very apt title.  Amazing.                                    What a gem.               Beautiful film, very enjoyable.


A lovely, sweet film.  The ending was a little confusing.

Poignant at times but very slow and lacking in plot.

Beautifully directed and so sensitive.  It all worked out well at the end.  Very good music.

I really felt for them living in other peoples’ spaces.

A lovely, beautiful film; sensitive and full of emotion, complemented by the music.

A very convincing and believable set of characters, sensitively acted and beautifully filmed.

Such a finely observed film with a beautiful score – a joy to watch.

Beautifully photographed  – such use of light.  What a tender portrayal of the complications

of relationships.

A beautifully drawn, understated piece that spoke to the lover in us all.  Exactly the kind of quiet cinematic brilliance

I enjoy and superb performances.


Quite atmospheric but it didn’t have enough punch.

Well acted (?) but there was no point at all to the film – so obvious.

Difficult to follow the plot, sound poor and the music was intrusive.

Still waiting for something to happen.                             A lot of questions, not all answered.

Confusing ending.  Poor sound quality but the film was lovely.

Good but I think slightly over-indulgent.  Good acting though.

Enjoyed the film.  I found the ending a little strange – I’m not sure what kids skateboarding into

the sunset was about.                                                  Well filmed.  But the subject was too gay for me!

Beautiful but why?  I could not understand the premise – love in this case was indeed very strange –

too odd for this chicken!  I found the music intrusive.

Good film but not to keen on the subject but I enjoyed it and pleased with the ending of the two young ones.                                                                  Easy to watch but needed subtitles.

I would have enjoyed it more if I could have deciphered some of the dialogue.  Some of it was a real puzzle.                                                Lovely acting – nice understated plot.  French books a mystery.

I loved the pace, music, photography.  Delightfully underplayed.  Can’t understand US women’s accents.


A boring and quirky film.  Please have a jolly script.

A truly moving film – fabulous.

Tender and beautifully observed.

Beautiful, romantic but not sentimental.

Immensely dull, slow, boring storyline and lacking even in emotion.

And yet another moving, excellent choice of film – well done.

It was a rainy day today – weepies work well on wet days!







What you thought of DIFRET

Excellent: – 31

Good: – 24

Average: – 3

Very Poor: – 1

A powerful example of the life so many women have to live.  Worked well in black and white.

Black and white increases the impact!  No distractions withy pretty landscapes!

Black and white worked well.                              Probably better in black and white.

Brilliant!  And enhanced in black and white.

A very powerful film – life in black and white.           Very powerful.          Better in B and W!

Enhanced in black and white.  Authentic, thought provoking and progressive and optimistic.

Thought provoking and at times uncomfortable viewing.  Pity about losing the colour.

Excellent in black and white – it shows what hard work can do.

Enhanced by being shown in black and white.  Thought provoking.

I think black and white suited the subject matter!

I liked this subject in black and white.                               Very moving; no need for colour.


Lack of colour made no difference to the story’s impact.  Direction at times somewhat naïve.

A most touching film with some very sensitive moments.  Very sympathetically directed and filmed.

Excellent exposé of the issues, if very “Hollywood”!  And what happened to the case for the prosecution?

Interesting subject but a bit over sentimental.

The technical problems did not detract but jerking cameras nearly finished me off again.  Important film and

a good treatment of complex issues.

A very credible piece of film making with excellent performances and pacing.

Very interesting.  Thought the spareness  reflected the subject matter.

Rather disjointed but a powerful message.

Well-intentioned but stilted, with stiff dialogue ( even in Amharic I imagine).


What a great film – such an important issue – we don’t know how lucky we are!

Very enlightening – showing a different way of life coming to terms with western ideas of freedom.

A very sad indictment of life in much of the world today.  Regardless of nationhood or culture women

are still treated as second class citizens, it is just the degree that differs.

Education, education.                                              Totally gripping.  What courageous women!

How brave people can be Thank God.  An interesting view into traditions which are challenged.

A world of which we Westerners know nothing.  Education seems the only way forward.

Powerful and emotive.  Outstanding.                     Excellent acting.

A very moving film – what a courageous lawyer.

Meaza was excellent – and beautiful.  No film of Ethiopian mountains.

Beautifully filmed and very moving and thought provoking.

An important issue but are we having too many documentary type films?


It was brilliant in black and white.  One of the most sensational films you have shown.

I hope it wins an award.

Thoroughly enjoyed the film I did not think I was going to but there was an excellent performance by all.

Hmm, seems like horses have got a lot to answer for!






What you thought of the film  Of Horses and Men.Excellent: – 9

Good:   –   23

Average:  –  6

Poor:     –   6

Very Poor: – 3

Impressive – and mad.                   WOW!!!                     Different.               Rubbish.

Not very funny.                              Music was good.         Very different ; unusual.

Unusual to say the least!               Disjointed – no storyline.                   Horrible

Certainly different!  Lovely horses, not so sure about the people.

Strange lot …the Icelanders.                      I have seen better but the horses were lovely.

Had a bit of everything.                             Needed a few more subtitles.


Quirky and unusual and brilliantly filmed and executed.

The men seemed to fare better than the horses.

A quirky film that might have been better directed by the horses.

What is more beautiful than a horse?  Best film I have seen in years.


If Iceland had more cars, they might not be so BONKERS!!  There might be some cheap new diesels

on the market soon.

A most unusual film.  I loved the horses!

Meandered pointlessly from one grotesque farce to another.  Not absurd enough to be amusing.

I struggled to find any heart to the film.

If you missed this, you missed a real gem.  I’m no horse lover but this was top quality story telling.  Real film.

Very strange.  It was quirky but I didn’t quite get it.

Very much a documentary.  We somehow missed this lifestyle when we went to Iceland.

One of the oddest films I’ve ever seen.


Magnificent horses, stupid people.  Great music and scenery.

I shall always think of Iceland like this – especially of the horses’ eyes.

Strange and fascinating – not keen on the violent end to some of the horses.

Wonderful music, lovely horses but why did the white horse have to die?

Very unusual but grabbed my attention.

This film did not outstay its welcome and a couple more vignettes would have been welcome.

Good sense of humour and feel for the rhythm of rural life in Iceland.

Fantastic scenery, beautiful horses and music but what was the story about?


I’ve seen some awful films in my life but this is the worst ever.  I’ve never been so glad to see the end credits!

An extraordinary film – Thank you – I would never have thought of watching it but I found it fascinating.

That’s why we come to film club!  For something out of the ordinary.

A window on another world: What BFFS is for!



What you thought of Selma

Excellent- 42

Good   –    20

Average – 1

Overall Rating  91%

A strong, emotional film.                                  What a fantastic first film.                 Subtitles would help.

Very powerful and wonderfully acted.              A documentary plus!                         Powerful stuff.

Too long – seen it all before.                              Intense.  Needs to be kept alive.        Needed subtitles ?

Needs subtitles.               Moving.    Very powerful.  Better with subtitles                Hard to watch but brilliant.

Shameful then – shameful now.                         Very moving – anger making.  Good film, just a bit slow.

Very moving, impressive.  Difficult to watch.            Very powerful – what a brave man.


Recent events have shown there’s still a long way to go.  Incidentally, where was Homer Simpson’s sister-in-law?

Disjointed but technically good , acting excellent.  Dialogue was difficult to follow.

Powerful stuff, great performances, a pity about the dreadful lighting.  Need to get the focussing sorted!

Well-acted by all.  Pity it was barely lit in some scenes and the dialogue was hard to hear especially with

the strong southern accents.

A fine semi-documentary and well-acted.  An amazing piece of history and the film did the best to convey this.

A fine film but poor sound.  They have changed laws but not much has changed underneath.

What a start to the season!  Makes me ashamed.  Challenges my bravery.  Excellent film from every perspective.

And I ask myself “Could I have been so brave?”


Re-living the 1960s. Very rousing. But how did the result end in 2015 now?

I enjoyed this film very much, but they are still trying for justice.

I still wouldn’t want to be black in America today.                  A superb portrayal of Martin Luther King.  Moving.

The USA the most powerful nation on earth?  How disturbing.

Important subject, some excellent moments in the film but Mississippi Burning is a better film.

Cracking start to the season – thanks.  To think this was happening in our life time.  Simple action, simply told.

Difficult viewing, highly emotional.  Have we learned nothing?

Man’s inhumanity to man!  so moving.                          Wonderful – so important for us all to see this.

Sad that fifty years on people of different colour, religion or sexual orientation are still persecuted across the world.

Brilliant portrayal.                                              A lesson re-learnt – very moving and disturbing.

The establishment were ashamed and afraid to nominate this film for the Oscar!  I am sometimes ashamed

of the human race.  Excellent acting.  I had forgotten the struggle in the States.  Great start to the season.

Tremendous film though the violence was difficult to watch.  Couldn’t hear all the dialogue.

Brilliantly paced narrative of events at Selma – so moving with the biographies of individuals.


Some scenes with sound/diction/mumbling but otherwise a powerful depiction of American social history.

Rather difficult to hear the words and not just because of American accents.  Excellent portrayal of Dr. King.

Unfortunately the attitude of many white “law enforcers” remains the same.  Very powerful film – a pity a lot of

the speech was unintelligible.

Couldn’t hear some of the dialogue and mysterious shushing at times.  Is it me? Otherwise superb.

Please, please subtitles: so much dialogue missed. Otherwise a powerful and moving film.  And still they’re killed.                                     Very hard watching – brings back to mind that things have changed little.

A good start to what looks like a cracking season.










What you thought of PRIDE

Excellent:  45

Good  :      16

Average:    3

Very Poor:  1

Overall Rating 90%

Top notch!                                                 Outstanding, gripping and moving.

Best film of the season.                             Best of season.                               Extremely funny.

How things have changed.                         Best film of the year.                     Very enjoyable.

Thought provoking.                                   Moving story; emotional and funny.

Great fun.                                                   There’s lovely!                                            Great film.

A colourful film.                             More of this please.

I want to see it again and share it with friends.                            Just as good the second time around.


A problem with dialogue spoilt the continuity.                               The sound is much too loud.

A very moving film and the story was wonderfully told.   Well done.

Outstanding, very strong affirmation of friendship.

Wonderful messages and all round enjoyment.


I didn’t know any of this.  Heart warming!

Thoroughly enjoyable – as well as being thought provoking.

Very good – brought back lots of memories – excellent portrayal.

An ageless message that communities are held together by a common cause; work, play and trust and that

dignity is easily forgotten by those detached from real people.

Fantastic! Brassed Off, The Full Monty, Billy Elliot and now Pride.  Maggie Thatcher’s most important legacy is her

inspiration of films such as this.

Takes me back to the 80s Gay Pride march.

Fantastic!  Having been involved in supporting the miners I found it very moving and it brought back

so many memories.

Coal not Dole!

The world has moved on and thankfully, regarding gay rights, in the right direction.

Back in the days when politics meant something – real!

  1. An uplifting tour de force and a reminder of how much was at stake in that moment.

Brought back memories!  I was on those marches!                                  …….and the fight goes on!

A reminder of a savage world best left behind.

Captured the atmosphere so very well of the time and the place.


Heartening film demonstrating discrimination can be overcome – wonder if the same would happen now.

I feel guilty I was not more aware of the support each group gave the other until this film.

A thoroughly scintillating expression of bonhomie – with totally superb acting.

A feel good film about sad times!  How times have changed!

The world would be so much better with tolerance and acceptance of others.

Really good. Could have done with a few subtitles but otherwise excellent.

A rousing end to the season.                     A good film to end the season. Thanks.

Thank you for another amazing season.  The best yet in my opinion.

Fabulous way to end a wonderful season.  A dramatic interpretation but great insight into our social history perhaps

forgotten by many.

A superb finale to an excellent season.  Thank you.

A marvellous life enhancing film to end the season with!  Thank you!

Wonderful – an excellent ending to the year.



What you thought of Mr. Turner.

Excellent:  24

Good:        16

Average:    9

Poor:        3

Overall:    79%

Superb in every respect!                            Great contrast between the dialogue, scenery and music.

Great Art.                                                     Every frame was a delight for the eye.

A work of Art.                                             Fabulous cinematography.

Magnificent – warts and all.                                    Not as good as I was expecting.

Too long.                                                     Well acted and very enjoyable.


Classic:  Period atmosphere and Timothy Spall and Mike Leigh.

Wonderful acting from Timothy Spall.  Fantastic scenes – Mike Leigh never disappoints.

Two and a half hours of Timothy Spall grunting.

A man with the allure and eloquence of a Gloucester Old Spot.

Was one of our greatest painters really such a crude, gauche man?

Heart-warming film.  It’s a shame that he couldn’t find true happiness.


Wonderful characterisation but a pity to have missed so much of the dialogue due

to a bit of mumbling.

Picture wonderful but the dialogue was difficult.

Difficult to hear the dialogue.

At times it was hard to understand the diction – beautiful shots.

I have now seen the film three times.  Rich if slow.


A very well-made film in all aspects – dialogue, scenery, acting and music.

The character development: it was all great.

A thoroughly absorbing film from start to finish.  The best film of this year.

An epic, beautiful piece.  The very stuff of life ( and death ).

I did not learn a great deal about his painting but I enjoyed the way the art critics were depicted!

Beautiful to look at but I needed subtitles.  Nice to see Mrs Overall can still get work.


Amazing acting and photography.  Surprisingly though, it didn’t totally engross me.

Exaggerated portrayal of Victorian semi-squalor and diseased life (?).

Did not dance along.  Why did Mike Leigh make this?  Interesting but painful at times.

Too long – rather puzzling – didn’t really enjoy it.

Thoroughly good but never have I been more relieved to see a genius die!












What you thought of The Fairy (La Fee)

Excellent : 36

Good:        13

Average:     2

Overall Rating:  92%

Marvellous!                       Delightful.                             Wondrous!!!                 Fantastic.

I loved it!                           Very enjoyable / fun.              A true gem                  Excellent

Excellent – pure joy!              Amusing.                     A tonic.


It was certainly different.                          Funny in parts but too strained.

Very funny – off beat – terrific.                 Wonderful.  Quirky, original and great fun.

Very good light entertainment.                 A true gem.

You were right – a gem!                            So many laughs – a real tonic.

A tonic – more please!                               Thoroughly enjoyed it.

A marvellous film.                                                I must be quirky!

A great film, very refreshing.


As the review said – surreal: but brilliantly entertaining.

What a delight – superb physical theatre – only the French eh!

Mr. and Mrs. Bean are alive and well, and live in Le Havre.

Bonkers but not brilliant.  Not so much Bean as gone.

Charming, funny and superb comedic timing.

Charming and genuinely funny!  What a lovely baby!!

Thanks for showing such an inventive film – it’s what we’re here for.


A perfect tonic for a tough day at the office.  Are shorts now a thing of the past?

We were saying before the film started that we haven’t had a short this season – and then we got

a 90 minute long instead!  What’s the French for Bonkers?


Just brilliant.  What a find!  I loved it.                 Fabulous – what a cracker!  Loved it.

My wish came true….what a gem of a film!

Wonderful stuff to cheer the spirit at this low ebb of the year.

I loved it!  I smiled throughout!  Thanks for the “gem”.








What you thought of American Hustle.Excellent:  17

Good:        22

Average:     8

Poor:           3

Very Poor:   2

Overall     74%

Superb, shady romp.                        A real cracker!                                                Very good.

Very enjoyable with a good story.                                                              Very interesting.

An extraordinary tale.                     Slick, clever – good of its type!         Very entertaining.

Excellent entertainment: fast moving.                   Total rubbish.

Clever – it rolled back the years.  Brilliant soundtrack.                             Very enjoyable but complicated.

Too, too long – Enjoyed the enigmas.                     Just didn’t buy into it.

Amusing story: complex plot: a bit loud.


Hated it at first but it got better and better!  Loved all the music and Brendan Cooper…mmmm

Great music – a bit flabby.  Tighter editing would have made it more challenging.

Christian Bale was brilliant!  Great music too!

Brilliant! Fabulous soundtrack and some of the strangest hair styles ever seen on screen.

Only thing missing was a mullet!

Electric, pacy and witty.  Loved the twist.


Very amusing – what some people will do for money.

Is there no honour among thieves?  Do the good guys always finish last?

Lots of potential to open a Swiss Bank account?

In the end a really good story – a pity about all the f*** words.

Lost count of the f*** words after 15 minutes.  Was I watching the Republican party’s manifesto?

Surely someone in the American legal system would have spotted the con?


All very confusing.  Not helped by the intrusive subtitles.

So slick!  Thanks for the subtitles – I got it all!

Well, we couldn’t complain about a lack of subtitles!  Certainly different.

A bit long but fun.  Good soundtrack.  (Sorry but I don’t like subtitles which I find unnecessary, annoying

and distracting.)

The twists and turns never stopped – very entertaining.

Surprisingly engaging.  Byzantine plot twists  and one started to care what happened to the con artists at the end.

Clever but not quite my scene.

You really don’t know who you can trust.


To think I could have stayed at home and watched “Wolf Hall”!



What you thought of The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Excellent: 18

Good :      23

Average:    6

Poor:          1

Very Poor:   1

Overall Rating  78%

Good film – full  of human life.                Thought provoking.                            Wow!

Very thought provoking – best film this evening.                                    Thought provoking.

Riveting – top of the list this season so far.

Excellent film,  superbly well – acted.  Disturbing.                     Too long.  Poor story line.


A simple telling of a very complex story – excellent.

Much more cleverly conceived than the write up indicated!  A current dilemma for millions of real people worldwide.

A very powerful critique of entrenched attitudes on both sides of the East/West divide.

Harrowing to watch.  Disturbing how humans behave.

A difficult story to follow – sound poor but the music was great.

Not sure what the message of the film is.

Good film.  Pity I couldn’t understand some of the intricacies.

Excellent analysis of the forces on young Muslim men.


Mesmerising and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Istanbul.

Quite a scary film about how easy it is for people to be stereotyped.

Well – acted and tightly directed.  Perhaps nothing new to say.

Played well as a thriller – not as thoughtful as it wanted to appear.

Entertaining in parts but the “Hollywood Treatment” rendered the story a little unconvincing.

A bit predictable – probably because I had read the book.

The third season of Homeland is better.


A powerful film but the subtitles should have been on all the time.

A complex film.  The sound wasn’t good at times.

Thought provoking and unsettling – what a shame they spoke so badly.

Could have done with subtitles for the bits in ‘American’ as often.  The behaviour of the American police

in the film confirms all my prejudices!

Relevant and food for thought.  But quite a lot of the dialogue was difficult to understand.

Hard to comprehend the dialogue.

As ever, appalling, incomprehensible dialogue – and it wasn’t like the book, so thumbs down.

Great film, but I wish the sound track had been clearer.


What you thought of The Rocket.

Excellent:     38 Good:

24 Average:

1 Overall Rating:  90%

A feast for the eyes.                        Interesting                               A nice story; well – filmed. A simple tale – heart-warmingly told.        Fabulous photography                        Great entertainment. A real find.                                                Atmospheric and wonderful.  Powerful! Made me cry!                         Lovely story – good acting. Truly uplifting!                               Acutely sensitive and on message! Excellent characters. Superb photography.             A life – affirming fairy tale – excellent.   It made me think that our ‘advanced’ society has lost or is losing something fundamental about living. Certainly a different storyline and interesting.  There were many messages running through a seemingly simple story. Moving little film with the background tragedy underplayed but ever present. Nice gentle film set against a backdrop of hell! Illuminating, delightfully sentimental movie set against a dark background. It captured the essence of the country.  What a dangerous place to grow up in. A glorious film and a reminder of Kissinger’s disgrace. Beautiful film: very emotional on all levels.  Sad and happy.   Interesting setting in Laos.  Detail of the family relationship was its strength. Best film from Laos that I’ve seen in ages.

So different, wonderful acting and scenery. A touch of whimsy but a fascinating look into an Asian life. Super film – good characters, well – acted and fascinating setting. An absorbing and uplifting tale, well – told and beautifully filmed. And then they grow up and get married and have a lovely mango farm!   Good to see other cultures and to think that our children aren’t allowed to walk to school!!! Beautiful photography and very imaginative film, well – acted. Captured the wonders and perils of childhood and the realities of Laos. Gripping and surprising film.  The children’s acting was superb. Wonderful film, beautiful scenery, moving story with excellent child actors. Very good photography and a charming story – deserving of awards. Charming in its simplicity.  Lovely scenery shots.   Fantastic!  Mesmerising! Beautiful and edge of seat. Moving! 5 star! Worth the effort to come out in the rain.

What you thought of The Spy who came in from the Cold.

Excellent: 20

Good:       17

Average:   5

Overall Rating: 84%

Brilliant: never dates.                     Fantastic.                     A true tribute to Ossie Good photography and excellent acting.                             Good filming ; preposterous story. Stylishly bleak.                                                                   Just not my sort of film.   Enjoyable is not really the word but a great story and film. Challenging to follow despite having read the book and listened to it on radio.   Brilliant, a great impression of a very dark side of life in the Cold War. I have forgotten how good the older classic films can be.  The sound clarity was poor so subtitles next time please. The sound was not very clear but a masterpiece non-the-less. Black and white photography emphasised the bleakness of the period.  Superb acting by all.  It brought back memories of the Cold War and the awfulness of the Berlin Wall – so many died trying to cross. The 60s atmosphere was much better in the 60s. Very evocative of its time and interesting to see famous British actors in their youth.   I’ll have to re-read the book.  classic Le Carré.  Very good period setting in England and Germany. I’ve not read the book so found it a little confusing sometimes but I enjoyed the step back in time to a world we forget. Brilliantly acted but the plot was convoluted as ever. A bit incomprehensible to me – too much side-switching – but a cracking good film for Cold War nostalgia.

A good classic so well acted and great photography!

What a treat that there was no music setting the scene. That’s the first time I’ve liked Burton.

Excellent casting, photography and plot.

An excellent tribute to Ossie and even better the second time around. Well done Ossie!

Wonderful photography. Two black and white flicks on the run.  Who needs colour?  Brilliant!

Average film but excellent photography – the best part of the film.

Going all the way through Merry Christmas!

One of the best films ever made written by one of the world’s best authors.

Better if you know in advance that the ending is a downer.

What you thought of  : Nebraska

Excellent:   26

Good:        24

Average:    6

Overall Rating:  84%

Incredibly touching             Great music                Fabulous!  Best so far this season.                 Lovely. Gorgeous film.                    Some poignant moments.                   Not my country.                     Different. It was strangely very moving.                                 What a great set of characters.   A terrific performance from Bruce Dern. Actually very good but just falling short of excellent.  Very enjoyable though – I liked it. Well – made but surely it would have been better in colour? Charming – pathos worked well in black and white. The star was really the son David.  Would have been better in colour. Such a bleak landscape would drive anyone mad – Sensitive, gentle and delicate.  Deftly directed and a delight from beginning to end.  Charming. Great film.  Lovely son,  good acting. Great storytelling.  Understated acting.  Beautiful photography.   A long way from Easy Rider. Real people or a bit of caricature?  Well – plotted. A depressing picture of the USA. Don’t think I’ll choose it as my next holiday destination.  Wonderful acting. Real American Dream comes true! Good ending, nice touches, it warmed on one and good views of Nebraska. Nice film – not worth a million dollars though. Some perceptive points but, for me, an American “feel good” movie. Road movie; father/son rapprochement; the American Dream; King Lear all rolled into one! Very enjoyable but not a great advert for the US Tourist Board. A sensitive film describing Mid-West America. Wonderful realism but I’m in no hurry to visit the Mid -West. Captured the atmosphere of small town USA superbly.   Another good one.  What a wonderful son!                        Pleasant but a bit slow in parts. Quirky, atmospheric and touching.  A beautifully  shot slice of modern Americana.  A little slow in parts. A little slow at times but believable and very well acted. Very moving and true to life.  Excellent music! Really engaging – good characterisation: poignant without being over sentimentalised. Enjoyed the opening titles but fell a little out of love with it after that. Sad but humour shone out.  Delightful.                  Lovely film, amusing and very sensitive. A really wonderful film full of humour and pathos.  Oh, those obese Yanks!   Nebraska rhymes with Alaska, It’s very cold in Alaska, I wouldn’t want to go there!

What you thought of The 100 year old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared.

Excellent : 53

Good:        17

Average:    3

Overall ; 92%

Very entertaining.              A lovely film.             Most enjoyable.                 Enchanting storytelling. Brilliant!                            Very entertaining – top class.                                Fantastic choice. Very funny – well acted!               Really good!                                                   Just marvellous. Fantastically funny, brilliant and clever.              More! More!               Just hilariously , lovely film. Brilliant fun.                      Amazing acting and story.                             Hilarious and enchanting. Fantastic, thank you.         Great fun.  Good choice.                                Clever and fun. Very funny.                        Unusual – but entertaining.                            Absolutely wonderful. Jättebra  (super, crazy )      Helt fantastick  (Absolutely fantastic!) Brilliant, funny and Swedish (without sex).                     Sweden has a sense of humour! Wonderfully quirky – where was the Scandi noir?! Very amusing – I liked it being so “dead pan”.                         Laughed out loud – such a tonic!   A real escapist film.  No need to follow the plot.  The actors must have enjoyed themselves!! It made me laugh.  It needn’t take itself too seriously like the last film. So the Brian Rix farce is not dead and forgotten.                         Funny in a few parts. Lovely to simply laugh and not have to question anything.  More please. More laughs than in a comic’s handbag.  A good tonic. Just what I needed!  Good fun.                                  Very funny; at last a funny film. A nice change to have something purely for fun, however improbable.   Having read the book, I wondered how they’d film it.  So they kept all the comedy and missed out the rest Well what can one say – amusing and very far fetched. Hugely enjoyable – more so than the book!  Lovely to laugh through the whole of the film. Much better than the book!                                   Loved the book.  Loved the film.  Brilliant! A really good laugh – for a change.  I can’t imagine reading the book. Very funny but it trivialises a great deal of real suffering in the flash back scenes. Very droll… was ironic, witty and optimistic. “There’s always tomorrow”.   Fabulous!  Bizarre but charming, educational and thoroughly entertaining.  More like this please. Very funny and very peculiar.  Perhaps a shade too long for the material. Very amusing despite being disjointed. Anarchic, surreally entertaining fun.  Still making me smile. So highly improbable – Forrest Gump meets Basil Fawlty.  Yet an immensely humorous film and very enjoyable.                                  Brilliant from beginning to end.  A touch of Forrest Gump?   Thank you. It was funny in spite of all the violence – it was surreal.              Entertaining and certainly original. Very serious froth lovely, and very clever in places too.   The critics didn’t do this film justice.                               One of the best films you have shown. The funniest film I can remember seeing!  Brilliant.                   Thank you for this really funny film. Very funny, very witty.  The best film of the season.  Spontaneous applause is a first!!!

What you thought of Before the Winter Chill (Avant l’hiver )

Excellent : 9

Good:      34

Average:  20

Poor:        6

Very Poor:  2

Overall:  65%

Pleasant but not exceptional.                      Poor film with good sets and good acting Could have been a short.                    Absolutely pointless. I’m confused!                                               Comment?                               Got a bit lost. Great house – fantastic gardens.                  Loved the house.                    Loved the garden.   A man with a poor work / life balance.  I could see  the end coming as it unravelled.  Depressing. A little bit far – fetched but very watchable. Slow and very atmospheric but so many unanswered questions.  Enjoyable though. A well – made film – not sure I could understand it. Not what I expected but a riveting film.                                         Needs to be thought about. It felt like I was watching it in real time. Too much angst – mid – life crisis among the well – heeled, professional classes.  Joyless!

  1. Was it too slow or was that the point?                                   Beautiful filming but a little drawn out.

Long drawn out and a somewhat fragmented storyline.                Too long – rather pretentious. Promising start but disappointing, all a bit aimless and boring at times.  The backgrounds were often more interesting than what was going on with the characters. A little slow and a somewhat awkward and contrived storyline. It seemed a formless wallow in melancholy.                                    Waste of time.  Agree with both critics. I hated this.  Slow, slow – witted and very, very dull.   C’etait un mystère! I’d rather have stayed at home!                      Very French – wonderful cinematography. Quoi, un film francais sans du sex!?! What an eminently enjoyable film carried especially by the two female actors. Too stylised – I have seem much better French films.                   Compliqué! – La réalité. Auteuil and Scott Thomas are always a good team.  So very French!                   Elegant, trite French dross. I enjoyed the cinematography but I felt the director was indulging himself. I enjoyed it but it was too clever by half!  Typically French.   Brilliant acting, good story, engaging.                   Actual problems.  Very well acted. Interesting but frustrating in terms of the plot.  Excellent acting though. Once again Kristin, you made a bum choice.                     Didn’t do it for me. Auteuil is beginning to irritate. Feeble because it was predictable but great acting.                       Intriguing plot and excellently acted. Good acting but too many blind alleys.  Not surprising the marriage was failing living in that comfortless house. Beautifully acted by all the cast.

What you thought of Calvary .

Excellent:  42

Good:        17

Average:    2

Very Poor:  1

Overall Rating.   90%

Amazingly powerful.             Wonderful, wonderful dialogue.          Very powerful. Gripping and thought provoking.                          Dark but compelling.       Extraordinary! Stunning film.  Best of this season so far.                        Life in 100 minutes.  Heartbreaking. Brilliant…searing.                      Thought provoking!                        Powerful,  hard –  hitting. I’ll have to go away and think about it – to relate the characters to the title of the film. Powerful and chilling – stunning.  A lot to think about afterwards. Another superb piece from McDonagh.  Check out his plays as well. Amazing – terrifying because of its honesty.           Hoping that it wouldn’t end that way. Revenge is no justice and faith did not heal. Tragedy, truth, poetry; like ‘Waiting for Godot’.       This film can make people think a lot. A film which makes you think; makes you value your own life. More religion than I have experienced for a long time.  It reminds me of why I am an atheist.   Good to have subtitles.  A grim tale – did he have a death wish? Not one to watch if you’re having a bad day but I like the Irish style of humour mixed with grim reality. Excellent in every way.  Strong and direct.  Good choice to show subtitles. What a good idea to have subtitles!  Thank you. I found the subtitles very distracting but for some reason I do when it’s a foreign language film. I’m really enjoying the lack of shorts for this season. To grim to enjoy really.  The music was too heavy towards the end, after a clever use of songs during the first part.   Peerless as always from Brendan Gleeson with some deeply troubling, uncomfortable scenes.  Beautifully, skilfully shot.                                               Brendan Gleeson was amazing – different. I think I preferred The Guard.                               Brendan Gleeson has amazing presence. Very profound; humanity represented by such a small cast of actors and Gleeson attempting to hold it all together. Brendan Gleeson at his best.  Emotive portrayal of an emotive subject. A great film.  I loved the dialogue and characterisation. Brendan Gleeson’s best performance yet.  Bleak but captivating.   Deeply, deeply depressing!  Clever dialogue and unusually, quite erudite. Flawed – trying to fit too much in!  Needed sharper editing?  Grim but uneven. A brave film attempting to highlight this problem in the Catholic church. Excellent story which was funny/amusing at times with very good acting. The ending was unexpected: I thought it would not happen. A fantastically neurotic experience.  Darkly funny without falling into the prevalent pit of mean-spirited storytelling.                                      Story very gripping and well – acted. A lot of bitterness taken out on a thoughtful, probably genuine, priest. The photography reflected the depressive feeling of the film.  Well- acted by Brendan Gleeson.

What you thought of  Blue Jasmine

Excellent:   27

Good:       25

Average:  7

Poor:        2

Overall Rating :  82%

Acting fantastic; interesting story.                Frighteningly grim.                         Needed Subtitles! Great performances.                                                It was a bit depressing,                       Very thought provoking. A sad film in many ways.                           Beware of a woman scorned!              Wonderful Blanchett. Well-observed and bitter sweet.                 I loved this film.                                 One of Woody’s best!   The level of tension was almost unbearable at times and Cate Blanchett quite terrifying! Cate Blanchett was brilliant.  A very sad film though.             Blanchett must be the best screen actress around. I so wanted a “happy ending”! Blanchett was amazing An outstanding performance from Cate Blanchett but ultimately a somewhat contrived piece. I struggled to see the point of the film.          CB was outstanding.  A well – constructed piece with excellent story telling. A beautifully portrayed, believable and sad story acted with sensitivity.  Blanchett at her best. Cate Blanchett was excellent – the only problem was with the sound and understanding the dialogue. I heard one word in twenty!                      At home I would have switched on the subtitles…….so missed a lot. The articularion of Americans is so poor it’s really hard to hear the words.  Super acting from Cate Blanchett but very depressing otherwise.                                  Bad sound.                              Loved Cate.  Sound was poor. I’m thankful for the film review, it would have taken me longer to realise that a lot of the film was flashbacks. However, excellent performance by Cate Blanchett. Poor sound quality.  Subtitles please!  Difficult to have any sympathy for Jasmine. Blanchett was wonderful as usual but Jasmine’s misfortunes are self inflicted and defy empathy. Too much flashback in the first half hour of the film. A great way to spend an evening but,  where are the shorts? Shorts, shorts …… surely we can squeeze one in at most screenings?                                                                 Only sound quality marred the full enjoyment. Could not understand the dialogue.  Too long for such a short story line. Rubbish from start to finish.  Wouldn’t have been any better if it had been possible to hear the dialogue.   Very sad – wonderful acting by all – shows the fallibility of life.             One of Mr. Allen’s better efforts. Painful to watch but yet again Allen excels.                                              Difficult not to loathe Jasmine. Woody Allen is getting back to form.  It’s no Annie Hall or Hannah and her Sisters but that would be too much to ask. Cate Blanchett is brilliant and Sally Hawkins is not far off. Beautiful acting but depressing!  What horrible people!                          Well made etc.  ‘Downhill all the way…’ Losers 1 v.Stinking Rich 0 – that is the result.  Brilliant casting and acting. No one does neurotic like Woody.                 Even better second time round.  Good touches of Woody humour. A great lesson for living a true and righteous life; or be bitten in the arse. A stunning portrayal of someone shallow, vain without empathy and on the edge. Excellent story – brilliant acting by all the cast – I loved it!. A thoroughly absorbing film with masterful performances by the two women actors.  Woody Allen on top form. The two leading women were excellent but I wish American actors didn’t have bleached teeth.   Sorry didn’t grab me.  Something was missing but not sure what.                        What sad lives some people lead

It’s a cert for the Oscar!

What you thought of   The Lunchbox

Excellent: – 35 Good: – 31 Average: – 2 Overall rating : 87% Mouth wateringly good.                                 Brilliant film,  more Bollywood.                  Top stuff. Nicely done, perhaps a bit too long.              Lovely.                                                Absolutely delightful.

  1. One of the best films I’ve ever seen.                                  A feast for the senses.

An amazing film – totally engaging.  (Why was it PG??  It seemed very inoffensive!) An interesting and poignant idea.      Enjoyable.        Poignant.               Absolutely wonderful – really moving.   Loved it!  I thought ‘Auntie’ was a star. Entertaining, nice story, good acting.  I even learned a couple of words of Hindi.

  1. I watched with a smile on my face for most of it and then worried when it seemed things would go wrong.  Such real, likeable people!   More, more, more.

Full of atmosphere and emotion – a good choice.                      Quite a good story  and the acting was excellent. Very atmospheric.  An interesting and involving story.   Good action scenes, good acting but too drawn out. Let’s have Sikh Indian film please.                Mumbai is frenetic. A lovely film with shades of “Brief Encounters”.  I hope there will be a sequel. I was constantly surprised by events in the film.  An amazing film because it took the viewer into a totally new and empathetic world. Beautifully presented so full of pathos and sensitivity.  So much about life there came over. So true to the atmosphere of city India. More films from India please.                                   Interesting to see a film from India instead of the US etc. Good actresses and unusual environment but difficulty with Indian English. A beautiful, sad film.  Indian wives sometimes have a short straw dealt them. A sensitive, sad little film.  Beautifully acted.  Just as I imagine India to be like. What a wonderful depiction of a bustling Indian city, with a very gentle, slow at times, romantic tale.   A beautiful film though not the ending I was after!

  1. Would have liked a final meeting but a beautiful film.

An interesting view of a different culture.  Very sad. Like a good curry it was a mixture of spice – funny , sad, poignant. Very enjoyable but a shame they did not meet. A gentle, moving glimpse into a life with a very different culture. Bitter / sweet with many unanswered questions.  It kept the attention. Brave ending.  Moving, though baffling in the sameness of pace throughout.  Confounds the expectations of western romantics.                                       Blindingly real but with no salvation.  Ouch!!   An excellent film but I need a curry now!                 Lovely film but I wish I’d eaten before hand. Rich, delicate, subtle, tantalising, with a lingering bitter / sweetness.  A delicious feast. Unexpected ending.  I felt quite hungry by the end. I could smell the food.

What you thought of   The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Excellent: 20 Good : 25 Average : 9 Poor: 2 Overall Rating : 78% Loved it – a great start to the new season.              Quite interesting.             Totally impenetrable drivel! A marvellous start to the season.  Great style.       Very entertaining.              Great start to the season. Not particularly gripping: I got bored in parts.        Brilliant start.                             A fable. Too complicated to follow the plot.                         Excellent, quirky film to start the season. Different from what I expected.   Could not hear it all.  Strange story  – is the writer a very trendy author?  Beautiful sets and scenery. Found the soundtrack too loud making it difficult to hear the dialogue. Very confusing.  I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying half the time.  I wouldn’t have described it as a comedy. Got better and more amusing as it went on. Delightful, but marred by blurry sound; I had to strain to make out the words, with limited success. Full of verve and marvellous photography, let down a bit by unclear sound.   Beautiful photography and magical creation of a very different world.

  1. A visual feast like looking inside a clockwork toy.

Typically odd movie from Mr. Anderson.  I think he might be a genius. Quirky, funny and I loved the music.         Odd but entertaining.                       A glorious fairy tale. They don’t come more original than that!            Crazy, oddly wonderful Delightful story – what fun!!   An enjoyable and moving film – humour and sadness. Strange scenery and the story jumped around.                   A bit like Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Mildly amusing but not to my taste. Basil Fawlty in a Batman movie!!!  Bizarre but very entertaining.

  1. A great start to the new season.  It transported me a world and a half away.

Cracking start to the new season.  Entertaining, escapist, humorous and of course, Jude Law…..? Wonderful film.  Ralph Fiennes in tremendous form.   Didn’t notice the hard seat ( forgot the cushion) – a sign of a good film!

What you thought of Wadjda

Excellent: 26    Good: 23     Average:5     Poor:0      Very Poor:0

Total Replies:  54 / 76 Reaction:  85 %

Brilliant film – a great ending to the season.                   Delightful!

Wonderful film – excellent young actors.         Inshallah?                 A very good last film of the season  .

A triumph of the spirit.

Good but somewhat stilted portrayal.  Congratulations on a great season.

Very enjoyable.                       Enjoyed the soundtrack.         Remarkable in every way.

Quite an insight into their way if living.

Excellent end to the season.  PLF  –  patience, liberation, fulfillment.    Really good.

Not a good advert for Saudi Arabia or Islam.

Disturbing film but enjoyable.   Very interesting but what a dreadful system.

Harsh landscape, harsh women, harsh society, harsh everything.

Praise Allah she at least didn’t get run over at the end!

Loved little Wadjda.   However, apart from her beautiful singing of the Koran at the end,

it was the best anti-Islamic advert. you could make!

How awful to be so restricted.  I’m very glad I’m not a Saudi Arabian woman – but Islam

is not the only religion to be used by men to have things their way.

And the next day she was caught and stoned to death!  A heart-warming story well told.

Very enjoyable from such a different culture

I am glad that I hadn’t read the script.  A lived-out parable that will linger and influence

Wadjda always.

A very engaging film – a heart-warming story beautiful portrayed.

It made me cry for joy – her free spirit was uplifting.

What are men so afraid of ?  (Thank you for the season)    Hope amongst sadness.

Very moving.

Interesting to see how people live in that country but the film was rather slow and boring.

The restricted lives of the women as filmed was so depressing and almost overshadowed

the pleasure of the child and the bicycle.

When will it change for Saudi women and girls?    Fascinating insight into their sad culture

Dragged in the middle but finished well.  Really surprisingly critical of Saudi Arabian culture

An enjoyable first for a Saudi director – let’s have some more.

Interesting glimpse of the life of women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – not now my holiday destination of choice!

Revealing about the continuing plight of girls and women in Saudi – we should not take

our freedoms for granted.

Thought provoking; very moving; so insightful.  It is very important for us to realise the extent

of restrictions for women.  We’re so lucky.

Mumtaz – that’s wonderful in Arabic!         Superb finish to a vintage season.  Many thanks.

A insight into the lives of others.

Thanks for all the films.

A lovely film to end the season.  Thank you very much for all the hard work the committee puts in.

Here’s to a good next season.

What you thought of …A Royal Affair

Excellent: 26 Good: 17 Average: 8 Poor: 1 Overall: 83%

Best this season.                  Quite outstanding.       Well portrayed.   An excellent film.

Best yet.                       Best this season.      An interesting historical film.

Very interesting.  Acting very good.                 A tad long but interesting.

A very interesting account of a period in a country’s history which was unknown to me.

 Sensitively acted and easy to follow.

Interesting but too sentimental.  The real story sounds better!

Beautifully photographed and acted.  Makes one want to find out more about the period.

Madness and Royalty – where have I heard that before?

One of the best of the genre.

A little bit drawn out.  Royalty?  Did someone mention Princess Diana?

I’m no fan of period drama but this was wonderful,

 powerful and ultimately a tale of betrayal on all levels.

I’ve learnt some Danish history – very good film but a little too long.

Childish.  Could see everything coming.  If I’d been watching it on television,

  I would have switched over!

One of those films where, were it in English, you wouldn’t bother to show it.

Somehow it didn’t grab me.

Scenery beautiful and the film was slow enough to enjoy it.

Thirty minutes too long.

Very mixed feelings about this.  Exceptional in parts but terribly tedious in others.

Rather long but well acted.            Overlong.

Overlong and rather turgid but worthy.

Lasted longer than the Enlightenment.

Perfect – spot on!  Court backstabbing was very realistic and the Queen’s plight heart wrenching.

A great love story and a political saga.

First class acting on a philosophical background.

Interesting historical story but I don’t like the Scandinavian dry, unemotional acting.

Totally absorbing and moving beyond words.  Poor Christian!

What a common struggle between good and evil  freedom and oppression.

Danes –  masters of the political thriller.


What you thought of….NO

Exellent :  15 Good:       25 Average : 12 Poor  :    1 Overal:  75%

Good Crowd Scenes.                          Worthy but dull.

My Dad always said “Say No or Yes.”                      Atmospheric.

Excellent feel for the period.                         Fine sequel to Missing.

Very moving and close to my heart!

Fascinating to see behind the scenes of such a momentous result.

Brilliant! I love political films.  More please.

It seems they did better than us after May 1st. 1997.                        Alex Salmon take note?!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the film.  Good acting and a factual story.

The sign of a good film based on real events is whether you can be bothered to check it out afterwards.

 In this case YES.

Truthful but depressing message – that democracy is in the hands of the ad. men.

Who says media people should go the same way as telephone sanitizers?


More of a documentary than a film and too long.  Wasn’t Pinochet chummy with Thatcher ?

I had not realised that the old military man had left the scene so quietly.  Very realistic film.

Chilling in Chile.  And who welcomed the old bastard to their shores?

And then Thatcher brought him here!

An important subject but I couldn’t connect with the protagonists – which was a pity.


Subtitles moved too fast.  Spoilt what otherwise would have been a brilliant film.

All I have from tonight is a damn ear-worm!

Interesting subject agonisingly irritating in the style of direction.  And long, dull credits.

I wouldn’t buy the DVD: it misfired with me – perhaps I missed something.

Credible, absorbing, informative.  A different sort of film not seen before.  The subtitles were a little too fast.


So  the future of Chile was decided by a toy train set?

ood Crowd Scenes.                          Worthy but dull.

My Dad always said “Say No or Yes.”                      Atmospheric.

Excellent feel for the period.                         Fine sequel to Missing.

Very moving and close to my heart!

Fascinating to see behind the scenes of such a momentous result.


What you thought of ….The Sessions

The Tati Tennis ClipExcellent:31Good:8Average: 2Poor: 1Overall: 91% A brave and beautiful film.       Uplifting    Very touchingSuperb film             Tough but compelling viewing.Brilliant film – best of the season.           So sensitively actedA gem.                     Truly memorable – so sensitive.          Beautifully acted.Beautiful and quite moving.            Perfection on all levels.Well made.              Well acted, sobering story!             Lovely acting. Beautiful and life affirming. Exquisite performances. Wonderful! Everyone should see this film. Should be compulsory in school sex education. Love from a point of view many of us will know. Interesting, not awkward, delicacy dressed with humour and food for thought. A very beautiful and sensitive film.  I would have liked subtitles – it was difficult to hear all the dialogue. A brave attempt but how much better it could have been in French hands. Needed subtitles. Pretty thin stuff. A very difficult subject handled magnificently.  Should have been French rather than American. Best film of the season so far…. What could have been merely titillating was handled with sensitivity and a deft touch. Sensitive, kind, optimistic with super wonderful roles beautifully embraced. Wonderful.  Great script, great acting: William H. Macy is especially good – as always. Beautiful. A beautiful and sensitive film well-acted. Beautiful. A film showing disability and the Catholic church in a positive light.  How refreshing. What a shame people might have been put off by the word sex.  A truly human story of love. Great. Brilliant poignant film.  The people who stayed away missed a treat. Envied Helen Hunt’s stomach….Lovely – more Jacques TatiMore of TatiLoved Tati tooWish I could have seen more of this.Charming.               Wonderful.He should have stayed retired. The funniest, sexiest legs on the planet. Amazing to see how Tati’s body language is still used by today’s comics. Why were the audience in such hysterics? A good start to the evening. Tati rules.

What you Thought of :  Where do we go now?

Total Replies: 50 Excellent: 20         Good: 19       Average: 10       Poor: 1 IF ONLY……..                             Women Power            Go Spread the Word! Girl power – Fab                  More like this please           Really enjoyed it Wonderful Music                   Loved everything about it.     Bitter -Sweet Different.                             Another thought provoking triumph. Needs a few more women to sort things out. Men do not come out of this at all well. Amusing and yet telling of the differences between men and women.  Enjoyed the music. Salvation comes through women.  Well known. Lovely film: funny and serious.  Thank God for women! An interesting film – brave and determined women portrayed. Appeared to be a taste of their lives but I can’t quite get to grips with the death. After the gruelling films recently it was enjoyable and funny. A film that fell between two stools. Not a comedy; not a drama. If only it was that simple.  Let’s all convert to Buddhism! More of a tragedy than a comedy. Well, it had its lighter moments but, like the previous three films, it showed the destructive side to human nature. Refreshing, lively, tragic, then surreal and finally funny, maybe… An enchanting film with a bit of everything. Could Syria do with this sort of diplomacy?  How apposite. Many lessons for us to learn? The show girls were a distraction. If only.

What you thought of The Hunt – 5th February 14

Total replies: 68        40 excellent        15 good       3 average    0 poor      0 very poor

Who would want to be a teacher!

Draining! And it happens now with vigilantes. Looking forward to a comedy next week?  Sorry, I didn’t comprehend the finale!! Otherwise excellent.

Searing depiction of how the ignorant administer so-called justice: Judge not, lest ye be judged!

Excellent film and acting wonderful, but frightening. The tragedy of mistrust and presumption. Brilliant but completely draining!

 How not to deal with child abuse, ruining multiple lives in the process. Build the machine, and let it work.     Uncomfortable and so topical.

Ought to be required viewing on BBC along with “The Crucible” to help combat the mass hysteria that has gripped the country.

Uncomfortable but frighteningly true – how quick we are to jump to conclusions – and some people want the death penalty back!!     .

Subject controversial but superb acting and photography.   very moving, excellent acting.  Very clever stuff!   Horrific and so possible!

   Best film of the season – but what a terrible mother Klara had.   How easy to direct children’s’ minds to what you fear.

Great treatment of a very uncomfortable subject. Brilliant ending!     One of the most powerful films I have ever seen – thank you.

In other words, don’t jump to conclusions.   Brilliantly acted and a hunt in every sense of the word. Perhaps a tad overlong.

Well done, but difficult to actucally enjoy the film as it made me so angry. (Glad there was no annoying soundtrack)

Not a creditable reaction by the innocent supposedly culprit. An annoying portrayal of a situation that should never have happened.

What you thought of Monsieur Lazhar

Overall rating 94.5%  Total replies: 54.

.Beautiful and sad.        Every teacher should see it. Not all love and care is abuse!  Excellent and beautifully  acted.

Most engaging.          Heart-wrenching – the acting was superb.  To be honest, there’s a lot in there and I need to reflect before commenting.

J’adore Monsieur Lazhar! Wow! Powerful and sensitive.    Very enjoyable. A beautiful film – I almost didn’t come tonight – so glad I changed my mind!

Builds in power through awkwardness and difficulty. Highly recommended.       Charming.    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Delightful.  Simply told and great acting, particularly by the children.  Incredibly beautiful and moving.  Lovely piano, children, and lead. Magnificent. Wonderful film. Beautiful and moving. Children superb. Left me in tears.     Delightful. Very moving. Excellent acting.      A really lovely, though sad, film. Very sensitively acted by all – children were brilliant.  Simply terrific. Sensitive, not one word wasted. Made me cry inside.         10/10 plus a star!   Excellent performances from the children. Lovely film.     Move over Chips and Tibbs.   Thought-provoking.  A really tough ask of the child actors, but they presented excellently. Wonderful acting by the children, very moving and a believable story. Touched on many points of value. What a lovely teacher, but French schools up against the same bureaucratic rubbish as our own. The ‘short’:- Very odd.     I’ll not be taking any night-time train journeys.     Disturbing.        Scary!        Very clever      Not short enough! Another crazy animation.       A bit like travelling on RyanAir – never a dull moment   Very entertaining.   Weird- really a nightmare Great animation, desperately seeking a story.      One of the best, but didn’t understand the ending.  Not beautiful! Absolutely tutti frutti!    Superbly grim.    Fantastic, but terrifying.     Incomprehensible.      Different and clever.    Brilliant and weird.

What you thought of All Quiet on the Western Front – 8th January 2014

Excellent: 42    Good:  11         Average:  0        Poor : 0

Overall rating: 95%    Total Replies:    55

Amazing film, especially considering how long ago it was made.    The battle scenes never made better. Traumatic. Very moving.    Best film of the season. As poignant now as it was then. Resonates through the years.        The time few by. Brilliant.        You could say it was cliché ridden, but then you realise that it’s 83 years old – the clichés sprang from this film.

Exhausting to watch. What a waste of life.        And we are still at it.        Very dated, but nevertheless a superb production.        From the very first sequence it was a deeply unsettling experience.        You’d think we’d learn. My Grandfather went through the whole of that war – a gunner. He never spoke about it. He was awarded the Military Medal. What can one say – wonderful film. Well acted and what sound! But what a waste of life? What can one say except the lie “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”*      Dreadful to see this – Humbling to think this is 1930s – and then 1939. Should be shown in all cinemas this year.        I do hope M Gove has watched it and learnt a little something – or possibly not…..    Hugely powerful.        What can I say?    Glad I wasn’t there. A war to end all wars?        A film to make pacifists. Excellent A masterpiece of filming.    Battle scenes very realistic. Must read the book.    A film everyone should see.    As relevant today as when it was made and a forerunner of the later films.        Was “Birdsong” inspired by the extraordinary feat of cinematography!    Amazing – especially give the year in which it was made – well worth seeing.        The film said it all…..        Superb film – really drives home the futility and tragedy of war.            The should have shown it to Blair & Bush. And 9 years later it happened again!        Very powerful and moving. Has stood the test of time. Brilliant, especially for its time.    A brilliant film – never fails to move. I’ve seen it three times. What price Afghanistan – 400 of our men died for nothing – not even a cause.    A film like this should be shown world-wide more often.    Unbearable moving and sad.        The definitive war film indeed. There is nothing to say.    Tragic waste of human life.    Tragic.     Stands the test of time! Shows futility of war.    A tough film to watch – but a revelation in some ways. The sheer length of their endurance!    Still gripping – after all those years – and all that we know. So – why aren’t we pacifists yet.      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose** *(This is a line from the Roman lyrical poet Horace’s Odes. The line can be roughly translated into English as: “It is sweet and fitting to die for your country.” **An epigram by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr in the January 1849 issue of his journal Les Guêpes (“The Wasps”). Literally “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.”

 What you thought of Eden and the surfing short.

Excellent: 14    Good:  24         Average:  10        Poor : 1

Overall rating: 76%    Total Replies:     49

Very unusual – Beautifully filmed.        Unusual, quirky.

Funky film : very enjoyable.    First class – funny, moving. Wonderful film.        The short was good, too. A beautiful and sensitive film.    Brilliant – loved every minute. A wonderful take on gourmet love. What a lovely film. Fabulous film.  Great photography. A most enjoyable film with a unique story line. Adored the film ‘Eden’. Thank you. There was a lot of inane grinning! The main feature was ponderous and predictable. A lovely film, beautifully, strangely, romantic. The acting was excellent but the story line cruel. Wonderful acting but dark and sad. A wonderful, twisted story and a good ending. Better than expected after reading the Variety review. Better than we were lead to believe by the review. Quite slow, and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Xaver too. Unbearably long and slow.  Anyway, I prefer Nigella. I thought some of the shots lingered too long. Maybe editing could have been sharper. Slow and improbable at times but I liked the ending. Extremely slow at times – but enjoyable. Ostendorf is a wonderful actor but no inducement to return to Germany. Nice to have some humour and something more light hearted , despite some darker undertones. Absolutely engrossing: a wonderful balance of characters and their portrayal.  Lovely to actually see characters unfold with crystal clarity to reveal the good and the innocent. Eden was lacking in a theory of the mind in relation to Gregor! What a beautiful face Gregor the cook had!  Loved the film: I feared the dog was for the chop at one point, ditto the unpleasant husband.  Thankfully the film steered clear of these gory consequences. So, Chaucer is alive and well and living in…? I feel somewhat humble – I visited the Blandford chippy before the film.

And now…….The short.………..

Excellent – ‘the obsessive nature of surfing!   ‘Liked the short – Saltburn-on-Sea!   Good.             Lovely!!        Great.   Exciting, Thrilling, Excellent. Amazing Quirky.                Loved the short – a great night    I liked it – fun and feel good.          Great.   Beautiful photography in the short. Very good: far better than your normal short.    Best short I have seen. At last! I loved the short.  If we must have shorts can’t we have Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, Tweetie Pie etc. I’m Serious! Roll on summer, surfs up.    The best short we’ve ever had    .Awesome; better than the main film

The Next film is All Quiet on the Western Front 8th January. See EVENTS.

What you thought of The Guard – 28 November 2013

Excellent: 26 –    Good: 23    Average: 6     Poor: 2      (2 not ticked, but had comments)   (have to wait for Margaret to work out the percentage) Hated the first 20 minutes, loved it from then on. Would have loved it more with subtitles.!!                       Best film this season. I couldn’t’ understand most of it – so I don’t have an opinion. We needed subtitles. Brendan Gleeson was wonderful, as was his character.      Not my cup of tea. Subtitles would have helped. Such a good laugh. 8/10 on the “Big Lebowski” scale. Brilliant. Couldn’t understand the Irish accent and my father WAS IRISH! Even if I could have understood it didn’t enjoy it. Subtitles? Difficult to understand the accents – needed subtitles. Utterly ridiculous, absolutely brilliant!   Great craic! *              Excellent craic. Subtitles?   The Craic was great and the morality flawless. Great Fun – excellent script and laid back acting               Enjoyable romp!   Could hardly understand the accents, which made the film pointless. Only the Irish could do it so well. Thoroughly enjoyable.  Gritty look at life, brilliant. Very enjoyable – humorous. Thanks.   Too much F-word.    Second time I have seen this, brilliant .  What did you think of tonight’s film? NOT A LOT!      Brilliant brilliant – like in Irish “In Bruges”. Got better.  Very good film. Irishness important to the humour but so hard to understand the lingo – needed subtitles. Too many Fs Irish Manic!     If the dialogue had been clearer it would have been excellent. Very dark humour, which I like. Main character brilliant, very Tarantinoesque. Good fun, but where were the subtitles!!    Music too loud and intrusive, sound poor. Good fun though. Slow first 20 minutes, but then good. Difficult to follow accents. Brendan Gleeson excellent acting. Not quite excellent but very funny.                 Thought I’d find it too difficult to understand the speech, but it got easier! Good film – but I didn’t like it! Columbo returns, Oirish stile! Just the right amount of everything. Tarantino take notice.Couldn’t catch all of the dialogue, but a film well worth seeing. Acoustics not good! Missed some of the jokes. Good craic. Very entertaining. *Craic” (/ʔkræk/ KRAK), or “crack“, is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland And the Short…………….. Not so good   .Lost in translation.       Terrible.       The short was the crappiest I have viewed in 75 years. Execrable – would rather watch paint dry.   What was that about?   Weird!    What was the short about?    Different o’ Who picks these? And why?              Waste of time     Very quirky.    Puzzling.   Too cerebral for me.               ?? Loved it – so original.  Quirky  but enjoyable. Reminds me of the true role of philosophy in the universe.

What you thought Barbara .     Excellent: 30     Good: 33   Average: 6  Poor: 4   Overall Rating 81%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thought provoking.  Rather slow but interesting.  Quite outstanding. Perfectly satisfactory on every level.  Utterly mesmerising. Brilliant and so moving.  Fantastic.  Very moving. Very good.  Slow but very moving. Great film. Gripping. Very slow.  Selfless act.   Contrived not successful. Thank you! A great choice.               Rather slow. It showed the horror of life in East Germany and living permanently on the edge. A film about choices!  Did she make the right ones? I’m so glad there was no blood and violence. Gentle and interesting to see how it used to be before the wall came down. A “feel good” movie set in Cold War East Germany? Humanity and Hippocrates beats the system.  Thank God. An Eastern European Mills and Boon story. Very atmospheric and gripping.  Wonderful acting.  What a windy place! East Germany – a land of strong wind and smokers.  Grim and atmospheric. Very atmospheric and thought provoking. More subtle and intelligent than ARGO. Atmosphere supreme – how many meaningful glances! Ponderous, humourless, went nowhere, predictable. A bit slow moving. Superb acting – such as feeling of menace all the way through. Fine acting – in the East freedom was very strictly rationed! Surprising ending – Good acting.  Thank God for the West. Too slow.  The story line could be condensed into a shorter film. As good as any film I have seen in the last couple of years and I have watched many films. Yes, she was beautiful and he was hunky and okay story but so long. Good story; well acted.    Brilliant acting and direction. Captured the atmosphere.  Frightening how little it takes to turn people against each other. A little slow but wonderfully tense and atmospheric.  It really creates the difficulties in the East before the wall came down. I found it difficult to follow at times but sensitive filming. A great deal unexplained – Barbara’s previous life? The Germans have no sense of humour. At least they only had nine more years. Superb.  Why I joined the film society.  The type of film that took me back to films at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. And the short? The Short. Great fun.           Eh? Poor Reg! Funny but with a sharp edge. Superb but I so wanted to know uncle’s final words. Too sad – get old, lonely and die! Loved the short! Didn’t like it. Difficult to hear at times. Quite poignant. Very enjoyable. Engaging. Average. One of the better ones. Fair but ending sudden. Good – Funny. Loved the short. Average – didn’t see much point. Loved it. Poignant.   What you thought of ARGO  Excellent: 42      Good: 15      Poor: 1       Overal Rating: 92% Pheowwwwww!!            Tense .  Superb.  Just as good the second time. I preferred FARGO to ARGO.  Brilliant.  It deserved all its awards.  Brilliant. ARGO on, go on, go on………….  A cracking picture.  Bond eat your heart out. Still gripping second time around.  Engrossing and interesting.  Very good; excellent portrait. Best film I’ve seen in years.    If that was a ‘Best Film’,  I’d hate to see a ‘worst’. Moe like this please.  Great film, edge of seat stuff. Very gripping – if I bit my nails I’d be down to the knuckles! I don’t have any finger nails left – worth it though! Maintained the tension throughout – the true stories are best. Maintained the level of suspense in spite of knowing the outcome. Riveting and well deserving of the praise it got.  Thanks for the subtitles! Gripping drama and so much better for being a true story and no gratuitous violence.  Wonderful tension. Affleck at his best. Very, very gripping!  Ben Affleck doesn’t know how to smoke a cigarette though!! Great film – the subtitles were awful but the sound was fine. The tension was unbearable.  Thank goodness for the subtitles! Very exciting, high tension movie.  It went to pieces in the last ten minutes.  John Goodman was a class act. A great piece of history well captured. Hollywood air brushes history – but I do like a good race against the clock. Much more understated than I’d expected.  A fitting monument to Tony Mendez! Thank you for the subtitles! Best film I have seen for a long time: perfectly paced and edited.  I didn’t need the subtitles and would have preferred it without. I enjoyed it more than I expected.  The acting was superb and the humour great.  Thanks for adding subtitles. Reality picture with amazing tension, formidable acting and food for thought 34 years on. How do you find the strength of character to cope with being placed in the situation of the hostages?  Perhaps there is no choice? Good fun and excellent characterisation.  Glad of the subtitles. I got a bit lost early on so even more grateful for the subtitles. The diction was so bad all I could understand was  ” ARGO   F……  Y…..” Thank you for thinking about subtitles.  Best film I’ve seen in a long time! A few too many clichés  near the end but very entertaining. Most entertaining for a good film: humour, brevity, good acting, suspense. My Dad always said, “Don’t trust a man with a beard.”

What you thought of Amour
Excellent: 56,  Good:  15,  Average : 4      Overal rating; 92%
Wonderful acting.  Very Moving.        Provocative – thought provoking- can’t wait to get there –  courageous.Great acting and depth.         So moving.  Harrowing ………but un-missable.Ruthlessly true.  Beautifully judged.         A glimpse of reality per se.               Unflinching.Brave, humane and wonderful acting.        C’est la vie et mort.     That’s what it’s like!       Beautifully done.Echoes of Rear Window.  True Love.          Very tragic.      Terrifically powerful.Very well acted.      Very slow but well acted.               Phenomenal acting – best film of the season so far. Distressingly authentic.  The saddest film I’ve seen in a long time. A master class in acting and filming.  If you love someone let them go with dignity. This film defies categorisation.  Spellbinding and harrowing and tragic and loving! Tragic but brilliant!!  Food for thought.  Acting superb.               A hard – to – watch masterpiece. Too topical for my taste. Excellent acting  – depressing film.    Such intense emotion but not depressing! Well acted but very sad and depressing.   Something for us all to look forward to! A good case for euthanasia.  Good acting; film too long. A very provoking film, brilliant at times and very slow at others. As excellent as a film can be in view of a very difficult subject. Extremely thought provoking film about how we deal with the end of life. Difficult subject matter: a powerful reminder of what we all may face – wonderfully detailed. A brilliant portrayal of a taboo subject.  Very moving. Astonishing performances.  But a life being played out all over now. Wonderful – but too many memories for me.  Superb direction. So very, very poignant and one wonders what happened to Georges. Thoroughly absorbing but I did not get any sense of real love. Heart breaking, shocking, excellent. Although the Occupational Therapist in me didn’t approve of some of that lifting and twisting.   Very good acting.  Oh the pleasures of old age!! Superbly acted but a very disturbing subject.  Not comfortable viewing. A profound rendering of the claustrophobia of old age ( an aspect of it ) and living with an ever worsening condition. A very clever film with fantastic acting.  A brilliant film, very moving and marvellous acting. Fine acting, beautifully observed.  Relentlessly bleak. Amazing acting and so realistic. The leading lady was amazing.  The director paid great attention to every detail. Superb acting; superb film and full of emotion.   Deeply thought provoking. Unexpectedly enjoyable. Brilliantly acted – very thought provoking.  Would that we could choose when we go. Superbly acted, typical French ending to simple story line but brilliantly done. The pigeon sequence at the end was a little obvious.  Otherwise excellent. Not a film or a subject I enjoy watching – abrupt ending. Draining – superb acting.  We all hope and pray it doesn’t happen to us. Beautifully acted, but I’m sure it will have had distressing associations for quite a number of us.  Compelling but I was glad when it came to an end.  Not enjoyable.                  A sad and depressing story superbly acted. Wish I was smothered as I nodded through this ( Aged 28 ) What was he wearing on his feet?


What you thought of “In Love with Alma Cogan”

Excellent: 12 Good: 23 Average: 24 Poor: 14 Very Poor: 0   Too loud. Easy, enjoyable viewing. Heart warming film.      Very English. Relaxing evening – thoroughly enjoyed. Light hearted fun  Strange sound. I AM NOT DEAF.     Shrill sound, plodding and tedious. Very amateurish. Preferred the short.        Wonderful!         Not my cup of tea. Wonderful film.    Amusing – heart warming – delightful.   Well cast and well acted. Wooden, wooden, wooden. Great, good fun, enjoyable.        Not film society standard. Very boring.  I couldn’t wait for it to end. Memory Lane with innocent friends.  Age and mood were really good. Beautifully done – it took me back to my childhood. Very dated style of writing and production .  Never quite happened? Some good, some cringe-worthy parts.  Alma’s singing was the best part. Interesting to learn about Alma Cogan via an enjoyable story. I must get that photo out of the loft!!                  A gentle film; beautiful filming. I’m obviously one of the ‘ageing audience’!  I found it thoroughly enjoyable. More suited to UKIP supporters – not me. If the film was made for an older audience, I hope I die before I get old!  Dull, Dull. Nostalgic, yes, but unusually high level of enjoyment. Constructed as UK cinema stories should be. Enjoyable but some how it didn’t quite hit the mark. Slow and predictable but like the location.  Too loud. Mediocre – very predictable and boring.                 Rather slow coming to the point. Cliché, predictable, low budget.  Hated the singing man. Rather dull in the final quarter.            Bit slow getting to the main story. Took a little while to get into – then it ‘took off.’ Strange editing.  Poor screenplay but it grew on me. There was a lack of consistency in the story line.                Quite fun but predictable.  Grainy picture (and no sex). The use of location, most of the acting, the down at heel pier were good: the plot contrivances, songs as narrative, the last five minutes , Alma’s records were bad.                        Slow to get started, a bit twee! The ending was unsatisfactory but the portrayal of British variety was spot on.  Too loud. Easy watching. Some rather hammy acting.                        Wry romantic comedy with a great cast. The relationship between Lloyd Pack and Cusack did not work for me but fab music. Liked John Hurt’s performance the best.                        A similar standard of acting can be seen in amateur dramatics! Loved the songs but mediocre film and story.  The acting of Lloyd pack was very poor as was that of the minor actors.  The music was too loud to hear the storyline. Well crafted and beautifully acted.  Stunning views of Cromer apart, it felt more like a stage play. Terrible sound recording and performances at times as wooden as the pier itself. Some rather wooden acting, but a pleasant contrast to last week’s film! I found most of the acting very stilted. Rather amateurish.  Not for me – found it pedestrian and clichéd Patchy script and, with the exception of Niamh Cusack, even more patchy acting.  At times I thought I was watching a ‘B’ film of the 1980s.                             Wooden acting, dreadful music (apart from Alma) best scene the last one. Simple and straightforward stories often make the best cinema.                                Safe and normal for Norfolk.


Small films were awful.

Cartoon was fun.


Loved the old lady with pigeons – if gruesome.

Short too long and French.

The short was truly horrible – please no more!

I flew off myself.

The shorts were awful.

Odd but entertaining

Sinister and creepy.

Made me slightly uneasy.

Loved the short.

The short, the trailer excellent.

Loved the shorts.

Very different.


Right on the line between genius and madness.

Great short but Chomet must not like Americans, gendarmes or pigeons!

Confirmed my view of pigeons

Loved  Purbeck Film Festival.

Seriously weird


Delightful: packed with humour