32 Outdoor Halloween Decorations To Make Your House The Spookiest On The Block

Whether you're going for full-on frights or just spooky-cute vibes, these outdoor pieces will take your Halloween aesthetic to the next level.

Popular items from this list:

  • A 28-pack of decorative 3D bats in different sizes to bring a spooky flair to any front door or porch
  • A light-up hanging ghost that’ll beckon your guests and trick-or-treaters to come near
  • An adorable inflatable ghost trying to heave home his filled-to-the-brim candy bucket.

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A Ouija board welcome mat for your doorstep
Don't worry, it's not the dead contacting you, just your mother-in-law dropping in for an unexpected visit.

Promising review
: "This mat was perfect this Halloween. It adds the perfect amount of subtle eeriness, and it held up really well under our covered doorway.I'm sure this will last for at least another three years. The ink is clear, and the words are legible (which was a concern I had prior to it arriving). But, despite the inexpensive price tag, it's actually a well-made mat that's true to the provided picture." — Morgan Benedict
A haunted doorbell to give your delivery people, trick-or-treaters and other visitors a delightful fright
Promising review: "I put this outside our house. Everyone believed it was the real doorbell. It is loud enough, spooky (in a 1950s kind of way), and is super cool at night. I loved it and will use it again next year." —dLyonBW
A 21-inch jumping animatronic spider that'll have screams echoing from your doorstep
If you want to hear the godforsaken sounds this thing makes, you can hear them in this video.

Promising review: "The is a great display item. The spider is about two feet across with its legs out. She jumps up and at you about a foot with a scream and background noises. I had just finished putting the batteries in and turned it on: I guess I made a noise or something, THE SPIDER JUMPED! I spilled my coffee, LOL. It appears to activate out to about three to four feet, and the cats don't like it at all! So if you want something to scare the crap out of you, get this spider!!" — Wes
A 28-pack of decorative 3D bats in different sizes to bring a spooky flair to any front door or porch
These come with adhesive that allows you to stick them on, and they adhere *very* well. Though not necessarily designed for outdoor use, reviewers say they help up through very windy weather and even tropical storms. If you want to avoid any residue left behind as some reviewers mention, you could use double-sided mounting tape instead.

Promising review: "I put a few of these on my front door this year and loved the look!! The adhesives worked well, only one fell off. When removing, some of the adhesive ripped so some was on the bat, and some was on the door — not a major deal, just had to use a little heat to loosen up the adhesive and remove from door." — NateandAmanda
A classic cauldron letting everyone know a witch dwells within... and to enter if they dare
To recreate the foggy glow like the photo, grab a light-up mist maker. If you're looking for a lot of colorful smoke for a photo or short moment, the reviewer on the right used a smoke stick.

Promising review: "I got this to make a honey pot for my son’s Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume. This little witches cauldron worked great — I painted it and added some rope for a handle. By itself it would make a cute Halloween candy bowl, too!" — Claude Daigle
Grandin Road
And a set of three hand-holding witches (a mini coven, if you will)
The heads come pre-lit but don't make any sounds! They're battery-powered (two AA batteries each) and you can put them on a timer so they come on at the same time each night for six hours.

Promising review: "I started my collection three years ago and will continue to add to their coven! Well-made. Stand up to time. I tried a copycat and realized how much better the quality of this product than lesser priced versions. Adding ghosts this year. So cute our local paper put us on front page." — Beth12345
A noise-activated hanging cocoon corpse that'll let out a scream and open its glowing red eyes at the sound of chattering trick-or-treaters
It uses three AAA batteries!

Promising review: "For the price, this was a great Halloween decoration. It came with a little loop that you can use to hang it up. While hanging it up, you’ve got to be careful, though. The exterior is made of the same stuff Halloween spiderwebs are made of — be careful not to let it drag on the ground; everything seems to get stuck to it. Overall a good value!" — Pita
A pair of skeleton flamingos (skele-mingos, if you will) to watch over your yard
Promising review: "These are super cute! I love mine — I had them out for most of October, and they held up well under a pine tree canopy; they look exactly like they did when I put them out. Once I put them in the ground, they stayed put, no issues with blowing over. The white paint on the bones (which are raised shapes, not just painted) is not the best, but you can't tell unless you are up close. Once it fades over time, I will repaint them properly." — Queen of the Yard
An inflatable UFO decoration that's out of this world
To be clear, the cow doll is not included! But you can get one on Amazon (frequently bought with this inflatable UFO) for relatively cheap.

Promising review: "The hardest, most time-consuming part about putting this decoration up is how many neighbors and random passersby yell compliments from their cars and/or stop by to tell you how cool they think it looks while you’re trying to hang the thicc-boy cow inflatable inside with fishing wire. Seriously, it’s a neighborhood hit! 🛸🐄👽 Once you get past the initial setup, it deflates/inflates without issue and is a unique, cool Halloween decoration!!!" — Tiffany
A coffin letter board that makes an awesome decor piece year-round but offers sooo many possibilities around Halloween
Promising review: "Used it for Halloween decorations near our front door, but I can’t wait to use it year-round — great buy, super cute!" — JuneGemini
A light-up hanging ghost that'll beckon your guests and trick-or-treaters to come near
Reviewers say this particular hanging ghost strikes a good balance between being cute, spooky, and not *too" scary for kids.

Promising review: "No one else in my neighborhood has anything like it. Their ghosts do not light up, or at least not blue. This beautiful, flowing blue ghost hanging under my porch creates a perfectly un-scary atmosphere, yet so Halloween. The blue lights do attract bugs, but they leave when the lights are off. I hope the lights will keep working to make this ghost so pretty at night. Not sorry that I bought this one at all." — Linda H.
Or a simple but amusing ghost designed to wrap around a tree
It's available with a cute, angry or smiling facial expression.

Promising review
: "Sometimes he looks like a pole dancer ghost, and we love that for him. He really hangs on, too. We used him for a Halloween festival and left him out for a week, and he stayed up in the exact same spot the entire time." — Starr Joy
Classic stretchy spider webbing you can drape over bushes, under trees, along your porch and more
Promising review: "This bag of fake spider webbing is huge! I own a 3,000-square-foot house and was able to place webbing on the entirety of the first floor for a party. This included placing webbing on both the back deck and screened in porch. Imagine an entire corner of a room filled from floor to ceiling and about 3' wide on either side and multiply that by 7 or 8, and that's how much webbing this is. I used clear push pins to stretch the webbing over and it gave the party a great effect. This does not come with little black spiders." — Scott Hutchings
And some creepy black cloth that'll make a great backdrop for other hanging decor
Promising review: "I specifically ordered this cloth because of the amount you get for the price. I used it for a Halloween party for decoration, and it was exactly as pictured and as I expected. I cut it in half to use in different areas. It is thin, but that is the purpose of it. It drapes and hangs nicely and looks great over string lights." — Taryn M.
Hands And Homes / Etsy
Humorous tombstones for creating a spoOoooOoky cemetery in your front yard
They're made from recycled blue pine with an all-weather grey stain so they'll hold up well against the elements.

Hands and Homes is a small biz based in Littleton, Colorado. If you're a horror movie fan, they also have a great sign post decoration pointing directions toward various fictional locales like the Overlook Hotel and Elm Street.

Promising review: "We have been looking for great quality headstones to add to our front yard and these are exactly what we were looking for! It’s very windy where we live and need heavy duty that won’t blow away! They are great quality and were shipped very promptly! If more funny headstones are made we would definitely buy them." —greeneyes1821
Plus, a graveyard skeleton to really set the scene
Promising review: "Really fun outdoor decor for a good price. The skeleton stays in place with the ground stakes. The elbow and knee joints are articulated, so you can also play with that to make it more noticeable. Very pleased with the purchase. Happy haunting!" — BM
Whimsical witch hat string lights you can control with a remote
Promising review: "I am always hesitant when buying things like this online, but I am more than happy with these lights!! The only thing is I have to get close to the lights with the remote, but that could be due to where the battery box is placed in the tree. These lights are a must-have. Love, love, love!!" — Kelly moline
A sound- and touch-activated creepy doll that'd be soooo happy to welcome trick-or-treaters
Holly is actually on pivoting wheels, which will let her fully turn and move around . If she bumps into any walls or objects, she'll back up and turn around. I wouldn't leave her outside 24/7 because she's not meant for that, but bring her out to roam your porch, sidewalk or driveway on spooky nights. And feel free to rename her, like many reviewers did — at your own risk, that is.

Promising review: "When I first brought Victoria to my office for a month-long Halloween celebration, she was a little shy at first. After a few startled screeches from passersby, however, she came out of her shell and gained enough confidence to follow around my coworkers — even referring to some of them as her mommy. Precious." — Gina
Front porch banners so you can declare your love for Halloween to the world
If you want to create a similar look as above, you can also snag some leaf garland to frame your door with!

Promising review: "Bought these last year for Halloween and flanked my front door. Got so many compliments! The material didn't feel super cheap; they stayed up for the whole month of October and part of November. They feel like a mix of vinyl and cotton. No wrinkles and hung great. I have vinyl siding and bought some clips for the siding to hang them. Perfect length for your standard door size." — TBW
A skeletal French bulldog to incorporate your furry family member into your outdoor Halloween decor
Target also has versions of this for other dog breeds like chihuahuas and dachshunds as well as other animals like cats, snakes, and bats.

Promising reviews: "Really cute! I’ve been eyeing this little guy for a while, and when he arrived, I was not disappointed. Really good quality for the price!" — Shoppy

"I am a French bulldog breeder, so it was necessary for me to add this guy to our Halloween decor! I received it via shipping and loved it even more in person!" — Chunka Chunk Bullies
An adorable inflatable ghost trying to heave home his filled-to-the-brim candy bucket
Promising review: "Love this! Bought this for decorations and fun for my 2-year-old son. He loves it, too! It is quick to inflate and made it through rain and wind during our fall season. It is still in great shape, and I'm excited to bring it back out next year. It was perfect size, too." — Kevin
Some solar garden lights that are honestly pretty enough to leave out year-round but will light the way for trick-or-treaters
Promising reviews: "So cute. We got these for Halloween, but liked them so much we kept them out." —jennyjeans

"These are so fun!! I'm seriously obsessed with them. They're packaged nicely. All you do is open the pieces, peel the plastic off of the solar panel, flip the button to on, then pop the top on the cone and a stake into the bottom. Easy peasy. And they're really bright! The patterns are so vivid. Just really pretty little pop of magical lighting." —Meagan Paullin
A Michael Myers window decal
Note the dimensions before buying! Reviewers say the smaller size (pictured above) is still pretty "life size."

Promising review: "Oh, this is the best Halloween decoration so far. I have a life-sized Michael Myers outside, but this outline of his face literally appears to be looking at you!!! When we walk by our window at night (inside the house, too), this is the scariest thing ever!! Love this! Great price, too!!" — D. Ruth
Or a vinyl witch window cling with a light-up 3D moon
Promising review: "Wow, is all I can say. This is a deal for the money paid. The decal is large, easy to apply and adheres well. I had read reviews where people complained the moon was too heavy or difficult to hang but using common sense and thinking outside the box helps. I simply attached the nylon thread to a Command hook and works like a charm. Absolutely love this! To make visible at night I put one of my Christmas candles behind it. It’s beautiful!" — SMH
The Home Depot
A 12-foot towering ghost guaranteed to become the statement piece in your Halloween display
I recommend checking out the reviewer photos to see how incredible this looks in people's yards! It has multiple flashing light patterns, and despite its fragile look, multiple reviewers say it's held up through strong wind storms.

Promising review: "I love how cool this ghost looks at night! I didn't want a decoration that talks and sounds corny. The ghost is creepy without being so scary as to make little kids not want to come to my house. I do wish it had a light setting where it doesn't flash at all. I'd like him to just have all the lights stay on. The setting where his face and hands don't flash is the best, because his face looks really great at night. Pictures don't do it justice, you need to see it in person." — Jensers
The Home Depot
Or a singing Jack Skellington animatronic that's even bigger at 13 feet tall
You can also totally throw a Santa hat on his head and keep him up with your holiday decor! The set comes with two interchangeable head pieces you can swap out depending on how spooky you're feeling.

Promising review: "Everyone in our neighborhood stops to enjoy him. He’s withstood multiple thunderstorms in Miami, and we’re so happy with the purchase." — Tiffany
Ivy's Wood Creations / Etsy
A set of five classic ghosts that will look absolutely adorable lining a walkway
These are made of MDO plywood and 100% waterproof.

Ivy's Wood Creations is a Roseville, California-based small business that makes engraved wood yard art.

Promising review: "The five Halloween ghosts are just perfect. The eyes and mouth are not just painted on; they are cut out and then painted. These will certainly last for years." —Vicki
An inflatable pumpkin patch that'll look so classic and festive in your front yard
Promising review: "It's a bit larger than expected, which is a good thing. It looks nice. And it already survived a few raining days. We use a timed switch to turn it on and off every night without manual adjustment; it works perfectly." — Liu Yufei
Solar-powered waterproof string lights for ramping up the creepy ambiance
Promising review: "These little string lights are awesome. One order came with two strings of lights, each with its own solar charger and connectable stake/post to set up the solar charger (I just put mine out on the deck and it charged fine). There are no batteries or plugging involved, which is why I bought these. There are several modes for the lights, a few blinking options and a steady glow option.They are bright and easy to see from outside. I am going to buy more." — EarthWindAndFeather
Moore Skulls / Etsy
A creepy garden skull that might have your mail carrier doing a double (and triple) take
Moore Skulls is a small business based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that specializes in handcrafted horror decor and gifts.

Promising review: "A nicely made, heavy weight life-size human skull. It's flat on the back so it can lay nicely on any flat surface. Great addition to my Halloween decor. This year, I decided to toss out my cheap stuff and upgrade to Halloween things that looked better and were more durable, and this skull is certainly both. Great price, quick shipping, and item was carefully packed and arrived in perfect shape." — ctumasz
Balsam Hill
A neat Halloween-themed silhouette you can set up with the included orange LED spotlight
Promising review: "Probably the easiest outdoor decoration you could get! It was easy to set up and came with everything we needed. We set the light back far enough so the reflection came off the house. Loved it!" — Kris
Finally, a set of bendable arms and legs for that big pumpkin you picked at the local patch
Just insert each piece into your pumpkin and adjust the pose to your liking!

Promising review: "These arms and legs are so awesome! I just decorated my pumpkin, and made it come to life. They were VERY easy to install (into my real pumpkin) and easy to pose. Very happy with this purchase! I hope they will last for years; I have the pumpkin on a covered porch, so it is somewhat protected from the weather." — JT

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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